Pi Network: Mine π from your smartphone

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3 years ago

I've been using the Pi Network for months now, earned almost 490π and I want to help other people not just to earn coins, but to find other alternatives to mine within the world of cryptocurrency. Pi Network is a mobile application that you can mine their coin using your smartphone. It will not affect your phone's performance and drain your phone's battery once you use this application. For more information, you can visit their FAQ's here.

Currently, the total of pioneers has almost reached the 10 million mark as millions of Pi users are using it to mine this coin. Once it is reached to 10 million, the network will no longer accept any registrations. Now, the Pi Network is on its 4th Phase, and all pioneers are now sharing their ideas through the Brainstorming app. I haven't shared mine but I'm looking forward to seeing a crypto-blogging website under the Pi Network, and the coins can be converted by our currency of choice (either BTC, ETH, or TRX).

How to Register, Use, and Expand your network?

Download & Install first the application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, register by entering your personal information. You can send me a personal message on Facebook if you want the code and I'm not allowed to share my referral code here.

Once you're done with the registration process, verify your phone number and link your Facebook account, then you can now mine π from your smartphone. Tap on the lightning bolt icon to proceed. As I have mentioned, once you mine π it will not affect any of your phone's performance including the battery life. Mining π will last for 24 hours and you can still mine on the following day. I haven't withdrawn my funds yet since it is working in progress and I want to earn more. To be active on the network, just mine using the Pi Network every day. If you want to invite your friends to share your referral code, encourage them to mine, and be active within the network.

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