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More and more people are now joining in the cryptocurrency revolution. And I recently joined this movement that will change the future of money. Before anything else, let's elaborate and define these two words according to Merriam-Webster.

Crypto came from the Greek word kryptos, which translates to hidden. A person who adheres to a party, sect, or another group.

Currency means it circulates from coins, treasury notes, and banknotes as a medium of exchange.

If you'll combine both, it means that the money is hidden and doesn't exchange from the things mentioned in this article.

How does it work? To take a look back on how we trade and exchange things, first, we barter then exchange for anything we need to survive, then we have gold, silver, copper melted in the form of coins.

Fiat Currency (PH Peso) and Debit Card

As civilization grows through thousands of years, we have the banknotes regulated by the governing body, and the currency was introduced then: from Dollars, Peso, Pounds, Euros, Rubbles, Dirham, Riyal, or any currency you may think of. This is called fiat currency, and with technology then the credit card came, it was convenient and cashless until everything went digital. From the way we bank, do our daily transactions, send money, invest. It made our lives easier. When cryptocurrency came, it is not controlled by any governing body or no one controls the system. The transactions were done digitally from a secured environment called a blockchain.

For my experience, I did my research. One thing comes into my mind if it is a scam or another multi-level networking scheme, so I decided to delete that kind of mindset and learned how it works. So I decided to invest my time in cryptocurrency, previously as a side hustle now on full time since I am overwhelmed with my salary every payout back then. Now, I am mining Bitcoin using a browser called CryptoTab Browser, I also use my smartphone to mine Pi from their app at the Pi Network. Then joined this platform and other programs to share my thoughts, opinions, express my point of view on what is happening to the world in exchange for money.

If you're interested and want to be part of the revolution, do your research first and if it is legal for your location. Cryptocurrency is not like a "be rich in days or weeks or a month" scheme, you'll need to invest your time, effort, and dedication just like me and everyone else around here. You can mine, trade (either buy or sell), or get engage with other people such as this one, since decentralized applications is now booming and it would take all over the social media applications were using today.

Be part of the revolution now!

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