Mendiola FC Digs In, United City still Dominant

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After 2 matches, Mendiola FC now have 2 losses against Maharlika Manila and the Azkals Development Team, while United City FC is dominating the tournament. With 2 wins against Maharlika, ADT, and a draw against their adversary Kaya FC - Iloilo. Can Mendiola FC 1991 redeem themselves, or will United City show their dominance through this tournament?

A chance for Mendiola in the first minute of the 1st half when Junior Sam went for the cross on the right flank looking for Flores, but cleared out by Forrosuelo. 4 minutes later, United City with the chance for the opener, when Juraboev goes for a long pass to Lyngbo then a quick pass to Hartmann. A free kick will be given to the attacking side after a tackle from Hamed Hajimedi. Hartmann goes for the kick, unable to hit the back of the net.

3 minutes as we’re into the middle of the 8th Minute when Flores intercepts the possession, passes to Junior Sam, enters the penalty area surrounded by 2 United City Defenders, Forrosuelo tries to go for the tackle inside the box. A penalty kick was given to Mendiola FC. Ashley Flores takes the penalty, great shot but it was off target as he tries to go for the top right corner of the goal post.

In the 10th Minute, it was United City’s turn with the attack when Hartmann with the cross looking for Ouano, but was cleared away from the penalty area. Hamed went for the free kick in the 12th Minute as the ball went to the penalty area, but cleared away by Robertson, and De La Torre with a good touch and a long shot effort but went wide to the left.

A minute later, Curt Dizon looking for Daniels and another chance for United City, Asong tried to recover the ball but was cleared away and great defending from Mendiola FC. Seconds later, United City intercepts with another attack as Kenshiro Daniels with a lob pass to Mark Hartmann, and a long shot effort yards away but saved by Michael Asong, as United City was given a corner kick.

The ball was cleared away as United City again attempted to pass through the Mendiola defensive line. Same thing as goes for Mendiola FC, and almost a chance for the men in Red seconds after the 18th Minute. A counter-attack when they intercept the ball, and Ashley Flores rushing in but Lyngbo recovers the ball to prevent the corner kick for Mendiola.

It’s been 20 minutes since then, and still scoreless in the first half. Asong clears the ball after that corner kick from United City FC in the 21st Minute. 4 minutes later, Mike Ott with a through ball looking for Mark Hartmann, that pass was too powerful to control. Michael Asong recovers the ball with great goalkeeping instincts. Seconds later, Junior Sam intercepts the ball and passes to Flores but was called Offside. An almost opportunity for the men in Red.

Third corner for United City FC in the 25th Minute, but was headed away by Sam. Juraboev recovers and goes for another attack, with a lob pass looking for Hartmann and another strike outside the penalty area within the penalty line on the left flank, but saved by Asong. Seconds later, it's Mendiola’s turn to attack as Sam intercepts the ball and with a long shot effort but hits the side net.

5 minutes later, Junior Sam again as Mendiola’s turn to make it 1 - nil, but his shot inside the penalty area on the right went wide. In the 32nd Minute, it is United City’s turn when Mike Ott goes for the cross into the right flank, Juraboev tries to recover but was cleared away by Alassane Wade, and Mendiola’s turn again with the attack but was Offside seconds after the 33rd Minute.

Hamed tries to intercept the ball, however a Yellow Card was given to Kenshiro Daniels after a not-so clean tackle to Hamed hitting his left knee in the 35th Minute. 36 minutes have passed, and the score is still nil - nil. Minutes later, Wade clears the ball, however Dizon recovers with the attempt and a shot from distance inside the penalty area seconds after the 41st Minute.

42 minutes have passed the first half, as the tension of this match is going on high heat, Yellow Cards were given to Amirbek Juraboev and Aaron Altiche after their tussle. In the 43rd Minute, United City goes for another attack, Ouano with a through ball looking for Mike Ott. Asong attempted to recover, but went loose and on high alert for Mendiola’s keeper as he was able to save it.

At stoppage time, United City with another attack when Hartmann with a cross, Daniels connects with the shot but was blocked by Cristal and Asong recovers. As the half-time whistle blows, an intense first half and almost a tussle minutes before the whistle as officials tried to de-escalate the situation.

As the 2nd Half kicks off, in the 48th Minute Mike Ott with a lob pass but was headed away but the ball went to Kenshiro Daniels with the shot, but saved by Asong. Another chance for United City, Dizon surrounded with 2 Mendiola Defenders on the left flank, but was challenged with a nasty tackle.

6 minutes later, a chance from Mendiola FC. Junior Sam with another interception and a short pass to Flores looking for Altiche, passes back to Sam and attempts with the shot, but is saved by Silva. Seconds later, Mike Ott with a long shot effort as he is testing Asong but saved by the keeper. Substitution in the 55th Minute for Mendiola FC, Stephen Appiah is replaced by Aaron Altiche.

Seconds after the 57th Minute, United City with the attack as Lyngbo goes for the cross, and Juraboev attempts for a header shot but great defending from Mendiola FC. Another attempt from Mike Ott tested Michael Asong in the 59th Minute.

Seconds after the 63rd Minute, United City had another chance when Lyngbo went for a cross but was cleared away by the men in Red. Changes were made on the side of United City, Curt Dizon now replaced by Pocholo Bugas, and Ivan Ouano replaced by Andreas Esswein in the 63rd Minute.

Counter attack for Mendiola FC in the 64th Minute as Sam attempts with a one-touch shot, but Silva blocked it, however intercepted by Appiah as he tries for a cross looking for Sam, but the assistant referee calls for an Offside. A minute later, a foul was called on Flores after a tussle with Daniels and a free kick was given to United City FC. Hartmann, again, takes the kick as he scans the penalty area, then takes the shot however it hits the left post. Sam with a long shot in the 67th Minute, on target but deflected by Silva.

Changes were made on both teams in the 68th Minute. Dean Ebarle replaced Jordan Jarvis after the paramedics sent him off, Mariano Suba Jr. replacing Jimson Cristal, and Jerome Marzan replacing Franco De La Torre. Now in the 70th Minute, Suba in just seconds was tackled by Ebarle but quickly recovered after that challenge.

A corner was given to Mendiola FC, a long pass to Suba with the touch followed by a sky rocket shot seconds after the 72nd Minute, however it was over the bar. Seconds after the 73rd Minute, United City had another chance when Mike Ott intercepted the ball, recovered by Juraboev with a lob pass to the middle of the penalty area, but easily defended by Mendiola FC. Hartmann recovers again and goes for the shot with his weak foot, but it went wide to the left.

Mendiola FC is about to dig in at their posts 17 minutes before the final whistle, and United City with a lot of opportunities and chances as they figure out how they can score against the brave sons of Mendiola. Mendiola FC will make their final changes in the 77th Minute, Ashley Flores replaced by Eric Manlapas, however the captain’s armband is now given to Hamed Hajimedi, and Louie Polinag replacing Sam Junior.

6 minutes before the whistle, a chance for Mendiola FC when Hajimedi intercepted the ball followed by a through pass to Stephen Appiah but a strong challenge from Forrosuelo. And the bench on Mendiola’s side exclaimed that it should be called a foul. In the 86th Minute, United City again with another attack, Hartmann with the ball but intercepted by Mendiola. Hamed with a through pass to Appiah.

Appiah tests out Forrosuelo, but Juraboev tries to intercept it, however Suba manages to recover it for another attack, but Ebarle with the interception. 2 minutes before full time, Juraboev with a long pass to the middle area, intercepted by the brave men in Red. Hartmann looking for Daniels yards outside with the shot, but was over the bar.

As we enter stoppage time, with an additional 5 minutes as both teams are still scoreless, Hartmann again with an attempt to make it into the scoreboard, but saved by Asong. A corner was given to United City in the 92nd Minute, but headed away and the ball is still alive under United City’s possession.

A cross from the right flank, but was able to save the ball by Asong then bumps with Lyngbo. Lyngbo, however, tries to exchange heated tension with Asong, but the men in red try to de-escalate the situation. As the final whistle blows, both teams will share a point. A clean sheet for Mendiola FC 1991, the brave sons held their lines throughout the match while United City remained dominant on top with 8 points.

Now that United City will fly to Thailand for the AFC Champions League, next week on Monday, it will be a double header match. Mendiola FC 1991, again will take on Stallions Laguna FC and this will be the Lagueño’s first match of the tournament at 4:00pm. Then, the Copa Champions Kaya FC - Iloilo will square off again with the Azkals Development Team at 7:15pm.

Watch it on the PFL’s official Facebook Page and YT Channel. Spectators are also welcome to watch inside the stadium at the PFF National Training Center, but make sure to follow the safety protocols from wearing your mask at all times, and maintain your distance from other people.

Lead Image from the ©Philippines Football League Facebook Page.

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