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2 years ago
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2 months ago, I celebrated my 29th birthday. I was about to post this last October 8, but I wasn't able to do so since I was working on that day and celebrated my birthday a day after with my family and close relatives.

#Lvl29 with my family and close relatives

One more year, and I'll be 30 years old. Nah, it's only just a number but no rush for me. I am grateful that I'm still alive and thankful every single day. So, what will be next for me?

Can a heartbreak be a blessing?

It could be a yes, or no. Depends on how we think of it. For me when I experienced it my world was shattered into pieces from the moment she showed that ring in front of me. I did give everything. Until I moved on but the pain was still there. It was very hard at first.

The moment we broke up, I was kind of lost until I decided to focus on myself, before and during this situation. I even tried to be friends with her, but the memories are still there. I tried to win her back, but it was stupid. It was very stupid for me to win her back. I thought that I already moved on not until she showed up again until I repeated the process of meeting someone new.

Being friends with her is going to be a bad idea, and I no longer want to remember her that's for certain. For me, a heartbreak is indeed a blessing. Yes, I admit that it didn't work out, but in the long run, it was worth it. It molded me and changed me than I previously was today.

with my girlfriend as we walk around Bonifacio Global City

Now, I met my other half which she's younger than me - a 5-year gap. I met her on Facebook Dating, we exchanged messages, we confessed to each other, then we decided to meet personally a few days ago. It was a simple date, walking around Bonifacio Global City. Guess I'm no longer lonely this Christmas.

I felt lost, and will I continue to write more?

It's okay to feel lost when we're in our 20s, 30s, 40s, but that fire inside of us will spark again. You'll never know when that spark will light up in your veins. After gathering my thoughts and sleepless nights. Possibly, yes, I will continue to write more, but I'll not be posting articles every day since I went back serving the BPO industry.

My passion for photography will never end, but writing stories and sharing my thoughts with the world can be a different story. I may still use this platform since I enjoyed it using from the moment I posted my first article, then earned a few extra cash. It all started as a sideline, then I turned it full time which didn't cover too much of my daily needs, and went back on a regular job.

This will be the last article that I'll be publishing, it may sound a cliche but I'll be back. It could be a different pen name with a different focus to share on, or I may still use my account here. Who knows, this is not goodbye yet, but I'll be back again, I promise.

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2 years ago
Topics: Life, Blog, Story, Writing, Experiences, ...