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"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better." - Samuel Beckett

So I celebrated my birthday a few days ago (October 8, 2020 and turned 28), but it will never be the same as celebrating it with your family & friends. Everything changed when the virus kicked in front of our front door, and I am grateful that I've been given another year in life, new friends & opportunities in the middle of this pandemic. I thanked everyone who remembered my special day. My wish? Good health, more blessings, new opportunities to come, and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

What's next for me?

As I celebrate my 28th birthday, let's take a trip back to memory lane. Finished college, got my 1st job and for 3 years I am grateful that I worked with different types of people in a diverse environment. I treated the company as my second home, as part of my family. Aside from being an agent, I became a Subject Matter Expert, got recognized as a top teammate, and this is where I met my 2nd girlfriend. Until, we broke up and decided to throw the towel of March 2019 since the environment around me changed, and I do miss the camaraderie around me and be energized before the shift starts. It is up to my decision if I would like to stay with my current company just like from my previous one. Only time would tell if I would call it quits, and surrender my badge for good. My life doesn't end here, there will be new opportunities to come with endless possibilities.

Everybody around me is falling in love, and most of my colleagues would ask "Do you have any plans of settling down?", or "Have you tried dating someone?", or "Have you already found your inspiration?" My answer? I don't want to rush myself, and only time would tell if I already found my other half. My 2nd girlfriend? She was a transgender. Yes! I fell in love with a transgender. And I learned a lot from my previous relationship.

"Always be the strongest person I've ever known." I remembered when she said this a few months back, and sees me as her inspiration. We tried to go back where we used to be and right now, we're good friends now and I'm happy for her.

My whole life centered on Football, after school & after work just to escape the real world for once. For 6 years of supporting a local club, 8 years and counting for our national teams: the Azkals, Gilas & Volcanoes it's time to pass on what I've learned as the lead drummer of the group, share how the movement works so the new generation will experience how does it feel to be at the top of the world, have a great sense of national pride & patriotism for our motherland. This doesn't mean that I'll leave the group, this is to give way for our new members and find another way to show our Asian neighbors that there's an Ultras movement in the Pearl of the Orient.

My passion for Photography will never stop. Before the virus stepped in, I was so hyped to cover events again, but all of it were postponed and moved to a later date. Soon I'll share my photos that I took during the community quarantine. Learning is a never ending process, as soon curiosity kicks in to your mind you want to know how it works, I'll try to learn something new and it can be from anything. Explore out of my comfort zone, live the life you want! Because the world is yours to take.

Stay safe & Stay healthy!

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