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3 years ago

"Video Games destroyed my life. Good thing I have extra lives."

I remember this quote from one of my favorite statement shirts that I'm wearing back then until I donated it to a local charity and other shirts that don't fit anymore on me. Yes, you got extra lives but in real life, you only got one shot whether if it be successful, or not as you gain experience and learn from it.

I still love video games, and my mouth is watering for new releases of video games but for now, I'm currently watching a few influencers both local and the international scene since I'm dedicating my time to use this platform first, and who knows maybe I will have my stream gaming channel in the future.

The first video game that I played on every platform?

I can't remember if it's an arcade or from a gaming console. I remember when the Family Computer Network System was released, with popular titles like Super Mario, Top Gun, 1942, Bomberman, and if my memory serves me right, it would be Super Mario.

That was my first video game, as you'll jump on obstacles, find hidden boxes for coins, one-ups, beat the final boss, and rescue the princess. From the Family Computer to the Playstation, my first game on that console was Gran Turismo at a rental shop, inside of a mall.

Until we got our console, and the discs that we got on the bundle were Star Wars: Episode I, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and a Playstation Demo disc included. As the years go by we had hundreds of CDs. I only get to play after my assignment and on the weekends.

From the Playstation, video games are now moving on the PC. The first video game that I played on the PC was Counter Stike, and where I would go for an hour for P20 ($0.41) to rent a unit. It was an awesome game, as you pick which side to play and use characters that are based on real-life operators on both teams.

It became my favorite game, but for my mother, even my sisters disagree to play this video game because of its violent theme where 2 teams go head-to-head where the terrorists will set up a bomb while the counter-terrorists will defend the sites and eliminate all threats.

Every 90s or 2000s kids would experience the same thing as me when your parents are preventing you to play that game. That moment when I was preached by my parents, they urged me not to play that game ever again. For me, it is just a form of entertainment, until I grew older, I continued to play that game and from its influence there are various versions and similarities to Counter-Strike until it became an official game in the world of eSports.

I also played C&C: Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge, NBA Live 2K6, Grand Theft Auto III, GTA: Vice City, NFS: Underground 1 & 2. Going back to CS's influence, there were new first-person shooters both offline & online like Unreal Tournament, the Call of Duty franchise, Special Force, CrossFire, Point Blank, and Assault Fire.

When the Playstation 2 was released, that's when my sister decided to purchase a PS 2, and the first game that I played on that console was GTA Vice City. Yes, I was able to play the game on the PC, the only difference is when you aim and entering the cheat codes using a Dualshock controller which was quite challenging.

Other games that I played on the PS 2 were Tony Hawk's Underground, Lupin III: Treasure of the Sorcerer King, 007: Everything or Nothing, Guilty Gear XX, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sonic Heroes, Metal Slug 3, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. Not until our PS 2 broke up, so I ended up renting again from internet cafes or play at the arcade, or even rent a Playstation 2 for an hour.

When our PS 2 broke, my brother-in-law brought over a Sega Dreamcast which is from his friends, and my passion for playing video games didn't stop there. The 1st game that I played on that console was Crazy Taxi. I only play this at an arcade center back then, to find out they have it also in other consoles.

It also became my favorite as you drive around the city, deliver passengers to their destinations within the time limit, earn tips, perform impossible and crazy stunts. Just make sure not to bump into oncoming traffic. Aside from Crazy Taxi, I also played Spawn, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Jet Set Radio, and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - the funniest video game I've ever played.

Until the Dreamcast was returned, then I ended up playing games either in an internet cafe, or in an arcade, or find a shop that rents Playstation 2 at that time. It lasted for years from High School to being employed, until I decided to grab my Gaming PC, played the video games that I previously enjoyed back in the day.

Now that video games are evolving, and cross-platformed in different devices, even on our smartphones I was able to play a few of them before I go full time here.

Where's my Gaming PC now?

It is currently used by my 1st sister, when my brother-in-law's PC malfunctioned he decided to sell most of the parts of his computer. The reason was her children don't have anything to use the moment he sold his computer. It is up to my decision if I'm going to sell it for them or get another one and they can keep it.

I made that computer with hard work, sweat, and sacrifice the moment I got my 1st job. I should have been streaming games now, from sharing walkthroughs to my best plays. I was very generous to my 1st sister since she doesn't have a job back then. Her husband does have a job and only contractual projects at that time, but I also took it from experience and learned the hard way.

My favorite video games on each platform?

On the Playstation, that was Bakuso Kyoudai: Let's & Go Eternal Wings. Who can remember this racing game at the height of Tamiya's popularity in the 90s? Where you can pick your favorite characters based in the anime series as where you'll compete in different courses, and upgrade your 4WD through the course of the game.

On the Playstation 2 was Tony Hawk's Underground. I was able to finish this multiple times until there's an alternate ending of the game and I thought that I'll be skating against Eric, then unlocked new characters like Iron Man and Gene "The Devil" Simmons of K.I.S.S., and who could never forget the game's soundtrack.

On the Sega Dreamcast, that will be Jet Set Radio. This is where you'll skate using rollerblades and you're part of a gang called the GGs of Shibuya-Cho, Tokyo where you'll compete with other rivals by creating graffitis while getting chased by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. The game's soundtrack was so memorable to me, and I even saved it on my playlist as Spotify.

On the PC, where the majority I played most notable and popular games throughout the years. And my personal favorite on the PC? The Call of Duty franchise. From its very first setting in World War II, Vietnam War, Fidel Castro's assassination, until the Modern Warfare trilogy. From Counter-Strike to Call of Duty, this shooter game became my favorite and memorable characters that we know today throughout the franchise.

The last video game that I played?

Call of Duty: Mobile. The moment I purchased a new phone last year, I need something to kill off my boredom on the weekends, as I downloaded the game and tried it on my new smartphone. It was challenging at first since you're tapping on the screen with your fingertips as you run, aim, and fire against other players, then progress by leveling up with new guns & upgrades.

I'm now at level 87 and I was able to save some of my best plays in COD: Mobile before its updates and newest seasons. I uninstalled the game so I can focus on doing full time on this platform, but I will upload a video of my best plays very soon first on my profile on Facebook.

Once were into the void of video gaming, we get to pick who we want to portray. We may have extra lives, but in the real world, we only get one shot on what is facing in front of us, an opportunity, or take the risk. We may use different platforms, but there's only one button that unites us gamers.

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I like playing video games, and my current favorite is World of Warcraft. I've just lost touch with a friend with whom I'd spent the previous three years playing video games. A service called aided me in my search for a gaming buddy. Luckily for me.

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grabe andami mo naman po alam na games hahaha ako kase mortal combat lng nilalaro ko nung bata ako tapos ngayon mobile legends at COD na pero paminsan minsan na lang kase busy din ako dito sa hehehe.

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All around kasi ako noon, par😁... mapa-arcade o kaya sa PC/Console, hanggang sa na-adik ako sa COD: Mobile

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