Facts You Didn't Know About Star Wars (Part 1)

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It's been 44 years since the first film of the original trilogy was released in over 35 theaters in the United States until it became a worldwide phenomenon. From the little children to the elderly who are fans of witnessed Star Wars during their time until today's generation loved the galaxy far, far away.

Here are some of the cool facts, from behind-the-scenes, firsthand stories from the cast, and inspirations from George Lucas.  

Majestic Settings

Death Valley National Park (left), the Lars Family Homestead at Matmata, Tunisia (Top Middle), Mt. Etna in Catania, Italy (top right), Villa del Balbianello in Lenno, Italy, and the Mayan Pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala (bottom right)

The locations around the Star Wars universe were majestic, other planets are mostly created in a 3-dimensional environment with realism, but in the real world, you can get to visit these locations and feel the Force flow around you once you get there. Here are the following locations that you can visit from the Star Wars universe.

From the sand planet Tatooine, 2 locations were selected. Visit Death Valley National Park in the State of California, U.S. between the Mojave Desert and Sierra Nevada where Ben (originally Obi-Wan Kenobi) meets Luke Skywalker, and our favorite droids: R2D2 & C3PO for the first time. In Return of the Jedi, the Twenty Mule Team Canyon was the chosen location where the droids seek Jabba the Hutt and an attempt to rescue Han Solo.

In Matmata, Tunisia, the selected location for the Lars family homestead. The port town of Ajim, in Djerba, Tunisia became the Mos Eisley Spaceport, and an old mosque was also used to shoot the home exteriors of Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope. Years later, the crew returned to film scenes for Attack of the Clones, it became a hotel named Hotel Sidi Idriss and an experience to dine in the Lars family dining room.

The Lars Family Dining Room in A New Hope

In the planet of Naboo, 3 locations were selected. A Retreat House located in Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Italy. This is where Anakin & Padme went into hiding from the separatists until they shared their vows at the end of the film overlooking Lake Como. The Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy, and Plaza de España in Seville, Spain were the chosen locations for the Theed Royal Palace.

Plaza de España in Seville, Spain (above) & the Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy (below)

For those who want to embrace the power of the Dark Side, from the Mustafar system head over to Mount Etna in the Metropolitan City of Catania, between the citu of Messina, Italy. During the set of Revenge of the Sith, it was erupting at that moment as they used the hot lava for the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan & Anakin.

As the Death Star approaches the planet Yavin, time to wear your flight suits, board your Starfighters as we head over to the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala. The chosen location of the Rebel Alliance headquarters in A New Hope. A ceremonial center of the ancient Mayan civilization, and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There are plenty of other locations that I have not mentioned yet, but I will add them up to the next one so stay tuned. Technically, I haven't visited any of these locations yet, but I will add them to my bucket list once the pandemic is over.

Luke's surname was not Skywalker

Before Luke became the galaxy's last hope, his last name was Starkiller. Based on the second drafts of Lucas' Adventures of the Starkiller. The origins of this surname came from an infamous cult leader, Charles Manson. Responsible for the deaths of 9 people in 1969, including Sharon Tate.

The murders were still fresh to the public in the 70s, and George was so worried that this surname would be connected to the cult leader. Until he decided to change his hero's last name to Skywalker. Years later, LucasArts released Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in 2008 where you get to play Galen Marek, a force-sensitive human discovered by Darth Vader from the planet Kashyyyk.

Unknown to Emperor Palpatine as his new apprentice and hence giving the nickname Starkiller. It's up to the player's decision if he chose to serve the light or the dark side of the Force. Also, in The Force Awakens, the First Order's Moon Base was named after it, which is larger than the Empire's Death Star, Starkiller Base.

Dogfights inspired by World War II

An aerial battle between aircraft close range. Dogfights became crucial in World War II as both forces deployed bombers to fighters on various continents. It became George's source of inspiration as he looks back from archived footage during the war from bombing runs, dive attacks, and close-range duels.

So, Lucas decided to delay the film's release. He hates the first version of the film as they were given a deadline of a year. With the magic behind the crew of Industrial Light and Magic, it only took them 6 months to create the visual effects and we get a masterpiece that left a mark in cinematic history.

Jackson's Color of Choice for his Lightsaber

Chief Master Mace Windu, Champion of the Jedi Order

The monastic order of protectors, the keepers of the peace & order operating within their jurisdiction under the Galactic Republic. Blue and Green for the Good Guys, Red for the Bad Guys, but throughout the Star Wars universe there are more color representations and their roles as members of the Knights of the Jedi Order. One member had a very unique color.

Chief Master Mace Windu (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson), one of the most respected members of the order, and a powerful Jedi of his time. As tradition goes for younglings, Windu obtained an amethyst-colored kyber crystal. He was struggling to construct his lightsaber until Professor Huyang told the secret, and that was patience.

He served the order as he rose to the ranks of becoming a Jedi Master, then General of the Grand Army of the Republic, and advisor to Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine who became Darth Sidious after his discovery from Anakin that the war between the Republic and the Separatists was all a set-up.

Jackson appeared in the first episode of the prequel trilogy as an advisor suspecting the Sith's return for thousands of generations, not until we saw him in action in the next episode. He asked George if he could get a purple blade (one of his favorite colors). George agreed to it, and separating from the traditional blade colors so he can be recognized on-screen then that pivotal moment when he chops off Jango Fett's head, and again during their duel with Darth Sidious.

There are too many stories to mention, but I'll have to dive in deeper to discover more facts that we didn't know about Star Wars, so stay tuned.

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