End of an Era: B-Side

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3 years ago

B-Side, rather known as a Flip Side from Vinyl Records, Cassettes whether hit singles, EPs or LPs. This term is still used as of today calling it a Bonus track.

On this day, it finally came to an end. Just like life in general they need to let it go, and close it since the compound is now surrounded with condominiums including a school in respect to change. To finish it, one last event was organized by the owners entitled End of an Era: B-Side.

Before this was closed, let's take a look back at how it all started. Located in Malugay street at the very heart of the Central Business District, in the City of Makati, Philippines. It was formerly a warehouse for car shops, converted into a hub. And they decided to call it The Collective - where all music genres, cultures are diverse, graffitis, stickers all around the walls, cheap beer, and restaurants.

My 24th Birthday at Aloha Bar

A creative hub where music goers, bands, artists, and treated it as a second home, even for the bands sharing their passion for music. A very special place for those who want to see their favorite bands/artists, listening & singing along, headbanging, slamming, get drunk, and have a night of your life. This was the home of Irie Sunday, Brgy. Tibay Metal Fest, and FlipTop - the Filipino Rap League Battle.

Football Casuals

I remember when I covered my first gig at Aloha Bar, that was 4 years ago. Little I didn't know that my mentor from college was the one who organized the event. So it went like a mini-reunion, and my friends we're the last to perform.

Kissling! friends and the Foundation

The following month, I covered another gig then next this is where I celebrated my 24th birthday, also celebrated our monthsary / cheat day (with my ex 3 years ago) at ReWind.

Top: GYHT, Encyclopedia Frown. Middle: Lush Death, Hateture. Bottom: Pet School, Gapang

This is where I discovered other artists like Encylopedia Frown, Football Casuals, We Are Imaginary, Kissling!, Soil & Green, Stellar Spectre, and many more to mention. Most of these bands are still active on the local scene, others went on a different path and pursued another career.

Top: Football Casuals, Stellar Spectre. Middle: Kissling!, Jacob Oliva. Bottom: The Insektlife Cycle, We are Imaginary

That was the last time I hang out at B-Side. When I heard about the closure, I felt like it's really hard to lose someone that's very special to your life, because this place is very special for all of us who want to escape the reality, of the real world in just one night. A toast and a moment of silence as we mourn the Collective B-Side.

Look over to the top, you'll see the residential area named Cityland and a school called iAcademy

Aside from Malugay, what are your other music hubs to hang out? Hit'em in the comments down below.

Graffiti's... They're everywhere, and that's art

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3 years ago