Double-Header | Titans Kaya FC & United City equally clashed

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The main event of Match Day 4 from last Monday’s double header, it is a battle of the 2 most well known football clubs in Filipino Football, after numerous meetings from the League their paths crossed again as Kaya FC - Iloilo squares off with United City FC. With United City’s victory against Maharlika Manila, can they grab another 3 points or will Kaya turn over the tide.

At the start of the first half, an Offside was called on Kaya’s side as they tried to go with the offense. A free kick was given to Kaya in the 2nd Minute, when Jovin Bedic went forward but got tumbled by Ricardo Sendra. Horikoshi took the kick but went to the defender’s legs. A minute later, Arboleda ran in the right flank but Minegishi went for a clean tackle and Kaya was given a Corner Kick.

In the 6th Minute, it was United City’s turn for the offense. Minegishi with a lob pass, it was a good pass but the header went off target. 6 minutes later, Kaya on the attack when a cross went too high, but the ball was still alive as Kaya goes for the chance and Mendy appeals for a Hand ball, but the official says play on.

As both teams contested with the ball, in the 25th Minute a free kick was given after a tussle on the right flank between Arboleda and Ebarle. Horikoshi again takes the Free Kick as he scans the penalty area on where to pass it to. The ball was cleared away, however it went to Meliza with the attempt but went off target.

2 minutes later, it was United City’s turn when Dizon on the right flank attempts either do a cross or strike in the penalty area surrounded with 3 Kaya defenders, but he passed it back as Juraboev goes for a long pass to the penalty area, but was cleared away for a corner. Juraboev takes the corner in the left flank, but headed away for another corner for United City FC.

Juraboev with a short pass, but they attempt to go for a score and Kaya with a good defense as they go for a Goal Kick. Minutes go by in the 34th Minute, Banzon tries to clear the ball away from the penalty area after a pass from Rota, Mike Ott swivels for the shot finding the back of the net, making it 1 - nil for United City FC.

A minute later, Robertson was pushed down by Mendy as the official tried to de-escalate the situation. He was sent to the sides for a few minutes for a quick treatment, then went back to the pitch. In the 43rd Minute, a chance now for Kaya for the equalizer. Horikoshi in the left flank, goes for the cross looking for Mendy, but Silva knocks the ball away from his post.

Seconds later, Horikoshi with the shot as it went to the back of the net, but was called Offside. The goal doesn’t count, and Kaya is about to celebrate for the equalizer. A good opportunity for Kaya during stoppage time after a corner for Kaya. Jovin Bedic goes for the shot, but cleared away from Robinson. As the half-time whistle blows, United City FC are on the lead with 1 - nil.

2nd Half is under way expecting there would be more tactical offense and defense from both teams. In the 50th Minute, a chance for United City FC. Goalscorer Mike Ott in the right flank goes for the cross looking for Ivan Ouano as he takes the shot, but is stopped by Zach Banzon. 5 minutes later, United City again with the offense but intercepted by Kaya.

Horikoshi, at last, with the equalizer in the 55th Minute after a long pass from Ryo Fuji. Horikoshi in the left flank at the penalty area as he went for the shot, went through at the bottom right corner. The scoreline is now at all 1.

Changes were made for United City in the 59th Minute, as Kenshiro Daniels, the club’s newest signing, is playing against his former club replacing Ivan Ouano. A minute later, a yellow was given to Jovin Bedic after a tough challenge with Juraboev. 6 minutes later, a chance for United City when Sendra goes for a short pass looking for Dizon inside the right flank at the penalty area with a wide range of space, goes for the shot but saved by Banzon.

Kaya in the 70th Minute, made changes as Fitch Arboleda replaced Shirmar Felongco, and Joaquin Melliza replaced by Sandro Reyes. United City also made a change as Jordan Jarvis was replaced by Adam Tull. In the 74th Minute, another chance for Kaya when Bedic inside the penalty area with a short pass to Horikoshi, went for another one to add his tally, but got tackled by Tull. So, Tull was given a Yellow Card after tackling Horikoshi inside the penalty area.

Instead of a penalty, a corner is given to Kaya seconds away in the 75th Minute. Daizo took the corner, but Silva was able to catch it and it was United City’s turn for the offense. Another opportunity for Kaya, when an interception was made, a strong pass as Mendy tries to catch the ball ensuring it doesn’t go through the line. Mendy looking for Amita as he took the shot but the ball went to hit Robertson’s back side.

Corner given to Kaya on the 77th Minute, good attempts from Rota and Felongco, but the shot went wide and off target. However, another change made for Kaya, Ryo Fuji is now replaced by Audie Menzi and still he’s receiving medical treatment. In the 83rd Minute, a good chance from Mendy in the right flank but Silva was able to read the ball with a great save, and was cleared away by Robertson. Sandro tried it again, but was saved by Silva.

Minutes before full time, both teams made their final changes. For Kaya, Jovin Bedic gives the captain’s armband to Robert Lopez Mendy, and is now replaced by Eric Giganto. for United City FC, Curt Dizon replaced by Paolo Salenga. Kaya and United tried to get another goal in the last minutes of the 2nd Half until stoppage time.

As the whistle blows which concludes the 2nd Half. Both teams will share 1 point in the table. Lots of opportunities for both teams, and quite an entertaining match for this main event in Match Day 4 of the Copa Paulino Alcantara. Kaya FC - Iloilo 1 - United City FC 1.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s match, as United City FC again on the pitch will take on the Azkals Development Team at 5.00pm. Watch it on the PFL’s official Facebook Page and YT Channel. Spectators are also welcome to watch inside the stadium at the PFF National Training Center, but make sure to follow the safety protocols from wearing your mask at all times, and maintain your distance from other people.

Lead Image from the ©Philippines Football League Facebook Page.

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