Double Header | Mendiola - Stallions: An evenly physical contest, Formidable Kaya against ADT

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Last Wednesday’s Double Header for the continuation of the Copa Paulino Alcantara was an intense first match, and relentless display of finesse for the Copa Champions. Will the brave sons of Mendiola FC or the Lagueños grab their first win? Can the young Azkals redeem themselves after their last match for the title against Kaya?

An evenly physical contest

Scoreless 15 minutes in the first half of the match, until there’s a sign of life for the Laguenos. Huge space for Delgado in the right flank, looks for Bedia followed up with a shot but goes wide and off target. 3 minutes later, it was Mendiola’s turn with the attack. Suba on the left flank goes for the cross looking for Junior, follows it up with a shot but is cleared away by Nierras.

In the 23rd Minute, a long pass to Appiah with the attack but surrounded by Stallions’ back line then goes for the strike, but off target. 2 minutes later with the attack again by Mendiola after a long pass then followed up with a short pass to Alassane Wade. Wade, a few meters away, goes for the shot but is blocked by Nierras.

Good defending by Matthew Nierras, as the brave sons tried to make it into the scoreboard as Stallions were about to hold their posts in the remaining minutes of the 1st half. In the 28th Minute, another long pass to Appiah, one on one with Nierras within the penalty line but goes off target with his shot. No one conceded a goal yet within the remaining minutes, interception after interception and it was Stallions turn with the attack.

Seconds after Half Time, Kainoa Bailey with the cross from the right flank, good touch followed up with a short pass to Peña, but was cleared away by Wade. Both teams haven’t gone into the scoreboard as we go into the 2nd Half, in the 76th Minute. Appiah again takes the shot in the right flank, but it goes wide and off target. 2 minutes later, a corner was given to Stallions. Beautiful corner from Bailey looking for support in the middle within close range.

However, the shot was punched out by Michael Asong and Stallions again with another corner. The corner kick was cleared out, as both teams struggled to score before the full time whistle. In the 88th Minute, Junior Sam intercepted the ball from Darwin Regala followed up with a cross to Appiah fired yards away but was off target.

At stoppage time, a chance now for Stallions in the 91st Minute when Marwin Angeles fires from the left flank of the penalty area, on target but the ball went to the goal post, Yannick Tuazon recovers with another shot but blocked by Alassane Wade. As the full time whistle blows, both teams will share a point and another draw in their tally. Since this will be Stallions’ 2nd draw, can Mendiola FC keep up their peers in their upcoming matches before the elimination round?

Copa Champions on top

The Copa Champions Kaya FC - Iloilo and the Azkals Development Team met again after a year after their last match from last year’s Copa. Can ADT go for another win to redeem themselves from last year’s match? Or will Kaya dominate this match?

In the 5th Minute, Horikoshi with an attempt on the left flank inside the penalty area but goes too wide to the right. 6 minutes later, Horikoshi outside the penalty box at the middle for a long shot effort, but went to Jovin Bedic. Within close range, Bedic goes for the shot but blocked by Quincy Kammerad. 4 minutes later, Meliza goes with the cross, blocked by ADT however Mendy recovers the ball but goes for the shot but too wide and off target.

It was ADT’s turn to attack in the 16th Minute when Matt Alegre went for a long pass to Dennis Chung, great control with the ball as he positioned himself for the shot outside the penalty area. On Target but saved by Kenry Balobo. 3 minutes later, it was Kaya’s turn with the attack, Bedic looks for Mendy with a one-two touch, and Robert Lopez Mendy nailed the 1st goal, hitting the top right corner within close range inside the penalty area.

Carlyle Mitchell goes for the 2nd goal in the 23rd Minute after a cross coming from Daizo Horikoshi from the left flank. In the 29th Minute, Kaya FC - Iloilo is now taking control of the game, when Mendy goes for his 2nd goal after a short pass from Horikoshi, good control as Mendy turned around followed up with a short shot within the goal line. Kammerad didn’t see that coming and the score was 3 - nil.

In the 32nd Minute, Kaya FC, still hungry for goals when Meliza with a lob pass to Horikoshi unable to control the shot, as Bedic ran to recover the ball followed it up with a shot aiming the bottom left corner but was blocked by Kammerad. In the 38th Minute, it is the young Azkals’ turn to attack, Francis Tacardon passes to Dennis Chung. Chung was surrounded by 2 defenders in the right flank as he went for the shot but was blocked by Simone Rota.

At Half Time, Kaya FC - Iloilo were in full control with 3 goals. 2 from Robert Lopez Mendy, and from Carlyle Mitchell while ADT on the other hand, had great chances from Dennis Chung. As we go into the 2nd Half. In the 76th Minute, another chance from ADT in the left flank. Oliver Bias passes on to Dennis Chung, as he goes for another shot but is saved by Kenry Balobo.

2 minutes later, it is Kaya’s turn when Jesse Curran goes for the cross looking for Horikoshi with an attempt as he leaped for a header shot aiming the left part of the goal post but goes too wide and off target. In the 79th Minute, Horikoshi makes it 4 - nil after a one-on-one with Quincy Kammeraad nailing the bottom right corner.

As the full time whistle blows, Kaya FC - Iloilo with a formidable display of 4 goals from Robert Lopez Mendy, Carlyle Mitchell, and from Daizo Horikoshi in the 79th Minute making his 3rd goal within the tournament. As we look into the Copa Standings (image below), Kaya FC now on top of the table with 10 points, followed by United City FC which they’re in Thailand for their AFC Cup campaign with 8 points. At the mid-table we have ADT in 3rd place with 4 points while Mendiola is in 2nd of the bottom table.

From the ©Philippines Football League official Facebook Page

The full story for yesterday’s double header will be published soon, as I and the rest of the production team have witnessed tension, and pressure that went to physical and heated moments from both games, so stay tuned.

Lead Image from the ©Philippines Football League Facebook Page.

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