Double Header | Kaya 1 - Mendiola nil

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The 1st Double Header Match last Monday at the PFF National Training Center for the Copa Paulino Alcantara between the brave sons of Mendiola FC 1991, against the Copa Champions Kaya FC - Iloilo.

Mendiola FC with 2 losses against Maharlika, ADT, and a draw against United City FC which they’re now at the bottom table, while Kaya FC - Iloilo in 2nd place. Will it be a First Win for Mendiola? Or will Kaya keep on the pressure to defend their title?

No changes were made in Mendiola’s first eleven, however on the other side for Kaya FC, it will be Jesse Curran’s Copa Debut who was previously called up for the Azkals during the FAS Tri-Nations Series in Singapore. Seconds after Kick-Off, the ball was intercepted by Jhan-Jhan Meliza as he took the shot testing out Michael Asong.

On Target inside the penalty area, but saved and it was their turn for the counter attack. Hamed Hajimedi intercepts passes to Sam Junior, as he goes for a lob pass looking for Altiche, but was deflected by Diano.

A Free Kick on the 4th Minute was given to Mendiola, but headed away by Mitchell. As Kaya tries to pass Mendiola’s defensive line, Jovin Bedic on the right flank looking for Robert Lopez Mendy but was cleared out by Alassane Wade and a corner kick will be given to Kaya. Horikoshi takes on the corner, a header attempt inside the penalty area but the shot was too wide.

It is the brave sons of Mendiola’s turn seconds after the 8th Minute, Sam with a great pass to Altiche as he attempts for the opening goal, it was just a few meters away within the goal area on the left flank. On Target, but the ball hit the crossbar. Flores recovers the ball but is surrounded by 2 Kaya Defenders.

Kaya intercepts as Mendy sprints with the attack, then Wade tries to block him. A Yellow Card was given to Alassane Wade in the 8th Minute after blocking Robert Lopez Mendy. As for the 1st 10 minutes of the 1st Half, it was scoreless as Kaya maintains possession when Curran goes for the cross, and a corner will be given to Kaya on the 15th Minute, Menzi connects it with a header but it was off target.

2 minutes later, Horikoshi attempts with the cross but was well defended by Wade. Kaya was given another corner, but the ball went too wide. Mendy with the attempt on the right flank, yards outside the penalty area, but the ball doesn’t pass through to Asong. In the 23rd Minute, a Free Kick was given to Kaya after a tussle from Menzi and Flores when he pushed Menzi and tried to intercept the ball.

In the 24th Minute after the free kick, it was a loose ball but Horikoshi recovered the ball yards away, on target aiming for the top right corner but Asong, again with a tremendous save. Kaya FC, with their 4th corner of the match. Almost a near chance for the boys in Yellow, and another save from Asong which they’ll be given another corner. 5 corner kicks later, Asong was able to read the ball’s trajectory.

A tough challenge from the brave keeper of Mendiola, but went to a collision with 2 players in Yellow shirts. Another Yellow Card will be given to Ashley Flores in the 28th Minute after that challenge with Audie Menzi. Still scoreless as we enter the 32nd Minute, and Kaya’s 6th Corner Kick as they attempt for the opener but Mendiola was well defended from their posts. As we approach the last minutes of the 1st Half, after 8 corner kicks as Kaya tries with the opening goal, Simone Rota connects with a header but was off target in the 42nd Minute.

As the half time whistle blows, a scoreless first half. Kaya with a lot of chances and opportunities, shot attempts outside and inside the box while Mendiola with the pressure on how they can pass through Kaya’s defensive line, and Asong keeping up his A-game after numerous saves.

56th Minute in the 2nd Half, counter attack for the brave sons when Flores with a lob pass looking for Wade. It was a strong pass and almost a good touch from Wade, however it was cleared out by Carlyle Mitchell. In the 61st Minute, Jhan-Jhan Meliza inside the penalty arc after a pass from Horikoshi with a powerful shot. Almost a goal but it went over the bar.

Changes were made for both teams, as Jovin Bedic was replaced by Arnel Amita, and Aaron Altiche was replaced by Jerome Marzan in the 63rd Minute. In the 69th Minute, finally, a goal from Jhan-Jhan Meliza when Mendiola tries to clear the ball away and Horikoshi recovers followed up with an on-target attempt, saved by Asong then Meliza just a few meters away and finds the back of the net.

9 minutes before the final whistle, a Yellow Card was given to Robert Lopez Mendy after he was pushed down by Wade on the left flank. Final changes for Kaya, Sandro Reyes coming in for Ryo Fuji. In the 85th Minute, a Free Kick for Mendiola FC. Hamed Hajimedi on target but saved by Zach Banzon. Kaya created opportunities and lots of chances, however the brave sons of Mendiola FC tried to hold their lines and even tried to pass through Kaya’s back line.

As the full time whistles, Kaya grabbed the 3 points in favor of Jhan-Jhan Meliza. Lots of opportunities and chances for the boys in yellow, however a good result as they dominate the first match of last Monday’s double header. Up next, the young Azkals will take on the Lagueños with their 1st appearance and their 1st match of the tournament.

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