Double-header | ADT Upsets Mendiola FC 1991

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Match Day 4 kicked off last Monday at PFF National Training Center for the Copa Paulino Alcantara, and it will be the first match for the Azkals Development Team against Mendiola FC 1991. Before kick off, there was a problem with the net on the ADT’s side so there was a delay.

As the whistle blew for the first half. A chance for Mendiola FC in the 6th Minute when Hamed Hajimedi took the corner kick on the left flank, but no one was able to get the ball behind the net. Minutes later, a yellow card was given to Joshua Broce in the 8th after a tussle with Hamed Hajimedi.

Then another yellow card in the 11th Minute for Martin Sahilig. When Mendiola FC tried to attack in the 20th Minute, Junior Sam was also booked for a Yellow Card after another tussle to the right flank. The players even on the bench exclaimed about the official’s decision. In the 23rd Minute, Mendiola FC went on with the attack when Mariano Suba charged in on the right flank.

Jayvee Kallukaran tried to stop him, however Suba got tripped inside the penalty box and Sam with the shot, but the ball went wide to the left off target. 10 minutes later, it was the ADTs turn to attack. Dennis Chung with a long range effort, but Jessie Semblante was able to save that shot.

A corner kick was given to ADT in the 38th Minute, Elijah Liao tried to go for the shot after the corner, but the ball went off target. 5 minutes later, Mendiola FC was also given the corner kick. Jimson Cristal took the corner kick on the right flank but it was cleared away by Jaime Rosquillo. Now, the ADTs turn to push forward. Joshua Broce on the right for a long pass looking for Jermi Darapan. He attempted to take the shot, however he got a nasty tackle by Ashley Flores.

Penalty was given to the young Azkals minutes after the 1st half, and Scott Woods took it for 1 – nil. As the half time whistle blows after a physicality match, foul after foul, attempt after attempt, the Azkals Development Team are on the lead with 1 goal.

Changes were made after the start of the 2nd Half. Gio Pabualan is replaced by Francis Tacardon. At the 48th Minute, a Free Kick was given to Mendiola FC after Sam hit the ground and a strong tackle from Elijah Liao. As Hajimedi attempted to take the shot outside the penalty area, Enrico Mangaoang punched the ball away but got in contact with Alassane Wade.

Another Yellow Card was given to Francis Tacardon in the 51st Minute. A free kick was given to ADT in the 53rd Minute, as they tried to score another goal, but a turnover from Mendiola FC. Hamed into the right flank looking for a pass to Sam, with the shot and great reflexes from Mangaoang, but Sam with another attempt but the shot went off target.

In the 62nd Minute, a 2nd Yellow Card was given to Jaime Rosquillo when Ashley Flores ran on the left flank but got pushed away by Rosquillo. Mendiola FC tried to go for an equalizer, but the ball was cleared away for a throw-in. It was a near chance in the 71st Minute for Mendiola and should have been an equalizer, when Ashley Flores flicked the ball away from the keeper, then went for the strike, however it got blocked by Rosquillo.

Another change was made for ADT, Jermi Darapan was replaced by Sky Guerrero in the 65th Minute. A chance from ADT in the 68th Minute if they make it 2 goals to nil, as Dennis Chung positions on the left flank inside the penalty area while Aldueger in the middle, but a strong kick as the ball went out of play.

In the 74th Minute the super sub and his first debut of this tournament, Sky Guerrero goes for the 2nd Goal. Tacardon with the shot attempt, but Semblante able to reach the ball but without his grasp, Aldeguer with another shot but blocked by Crestal, then the ball went to Guerrero positions himself in the middle a few meters away using his left foot, finishes it at the bottom right post.

Multiple changes were made and a few minutes away after full time. For the ADT they sent off Andres Aldeguer replacing Lance Ocampo, and Marc Tobias replacing Jovan Marfiga. While Mendiola FC sends off Franco De La Torre replacing Kenneth Pasoyalan, and Mariano Suba Jr. replacing Aaron Altiche.

At the 82nd Minute, another super sub Lance Ocampo nails it for the 3rd Goal. When Chung attempted to make the shot, but got blocked by Semblante, as the ball went to Ocampo’s sights, nails the back at the back of the net. With only 5 minutes left before half time, both teams made their final changes.

Mendiola FC with 3 changes, Aljo Zabala replacing Louie Polinag, Jaime Chio replacing Kim Min-Su, and Ashley Flores replacing Victor Felicia. While for the ADT, Joshua Broce replacing Luis Claor in the 86th Minute. Only 4 minutes left, ADT are on the lead with 3 goals, and Mendiola can go for a consolation goal after the full time whistle.

1 minute before full time, a chance for Mendiola FC and Sam attempts to score for a goal. After kicking the ball it was an on target shot, but the ball went to hit the arm of an ADT defender. With Sam’s frustration and other players exclaimed it was a handball, and should be given a penalty.

A tough physical 1st half, then a penalty kick before the end of the 1st Half, 2 goals from the substitutes on the ADT side. If this would have turned differently, then Mendiola FC should have given the penalty and still there is poor officiating from the match officials.

As the full time whistle blows, ADT ends up on a high note with 3 goals with 3 points. Up next is the battle between 2 of the most recognizable football clubs in the Philippines, the defending champions Kaya FC - Iloilo against the 2020 League Champions United City FC.

Lead Image from the ©Philippines Football League Facebook Page.

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