Double Header | ADT and Stallions hit the brace

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Now that the 1st match has concluded, the main event for last Monday’s double header, as the Azkals Development Team will take on the club’s first appearance and their first match of the tournament, the Lagueños of Stallions Laguna FC. Stallions, on the other hand has fresh new signings as well and a few veterans who continue to play for the club. Will ADT or Stallions get their first win?

4 minutes into the first half, a chance for ADT and a free kick is given, Bias with a long shot attempt but Pepito manages to catch it but the ball went out of play. Corner for ADT in the 5th Minute, a short corner pass followed up with the cross but was cleared away. As both teams are under pressure who will draw first blood. Leo Nogueira was given a Yellow Card in the 12th Minute after colliding with Jaime Rosquillo.

17 minutes have already passed and no one has made it into the scoreboard. As we approach the 18th Minute, Stallions regained possession, however intercepted by ADT with the attack. As ADT is going for the attack, but Nierras clears the ball as they go for a counter attack.

Limbo with a through ball looking for Sy however was blocked by Rosquillo. It was a loose ball and a miscommunication from the ADT defenders. Leo Nogueira nails the opening goal in the 19th Minute. In the 23rd Minute, a close chance for the young Azkals after that corner kick but it was off target. 2 minutes later, Stallions wants to go for another goal and a close chance when a cross comes from the right flank, and Abou Sy tries to go for a header but was cleared outside.

As the half time whistle blows, the Lagueños are on the lead with one goal. ADT, on the other hand have to turn the tide for the last 45 minutes. Before the 2nd Half kicks off, changes were made for ADT. Jermi Darapan is replaced by Leo Maquiling, and Lance Ocampo replaced by Martini Rey. A minute later, almost an opportunity for ADT. Oliver Bias fires in the penalty area. On Target but the ball went hitting the top crossbar.

In the 56th Minute, Stallions on the attack, good lob pass inside the penalty box, however Bedia couldn't control it with the first touch. Until it was cleared away. Corner Kick will be given to Stallion, but headed away and another one will be given at the 57th Minute as Silva tries to regain the possession, however got pushed down by Jayvee Kallukaran. Leo Nogueira takes the Free Kick in the 58th Minute, and Baley tries to connect. Powerful pass from Nogueira, but Baley tries to keep the ball in play sending him back to the signage sponsors.

65 minutes later and the score is still 1 - nil, another opportunity by ADT when Oliver Bias connects it after a cross coming from the right flank, but saved by Pepito. In the 70th Minute, Leo Nogueira wants to add another one in his account with a long shot effort, however saved by Mangaoang. 3 minutes later, Gabriel Silva testing out the right flank of ADT but cleared away for a corner kick.

It was ADT's turn to attack, and a Yellow Card was given to Miguel De Mesa after that heavy push to Lance Ocampo. 14 minutes before Full Time, a Free Kick was given to ADT, good aim at the left goal post, headed away but it was a poor clearance, Tobias recovers the ball as he aims for the top left corner, but was an off target. After Tobias' shot, he was tackled down by Bailey as Rosquillo and Woods running towards to Bayley turning into a heated situation.

Other players including the officials tried to de-escalate the situation while Coach Nierras yelling at the sides to Bailey telling him to cool himself down and only focus on the game. Jaime Rosquillo and Kainoa Bailey were given Yellow Cards after that tussle in the 77th Minute

In the 85th Minute, a great pass from Marc Tobias looking for Dennis Chung however got pushed down by Griffin McDaniel, who was given a Yellow Card and possibly to be sent out in the pitch. Instead, a free kick was given to ADT. Changes for Stallion Laguna, Dimitri Limbo was replaced by Yannick Tuason in the 86th Minute.

3 minutes before full time, as Scott Woods takes on the free kick outside the penalty area from the right flank, as Scott takes on the shot and with that sky rocket shot using his left foot hitting the left side of the goal post. It was a fantastic free kick, and an equalizer goal for the young Azkals.

Copa Standings as of Monday (April 11)

As we go into Full Time, Stallion Laguna and ADT will share a point. First Draw for both teams and as we look into the Copa Standings (image above), Kaya FC - Iloilo remained in 2nd Place with 7 points while Mendiola has to work on their way up in their next matches.

Next Week on Wednesday (April 20), and it will be another double header match. Stallions Laguna FC, after a one week break will take on Mendiola FC 1991 at 4:00pm. While ADT will be squaring off again with their adversary from last year's tournament, the Copa Champions Kaya FC - Iloilo at 7:15pm.

Watch it on the official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Spectators are also welcome to watch inside the stadium at the PFF National Training Center, but make sure to follow the safety protocols from wearing your mask at all times, and maintain your distance from other people.

Lead Image from the ©Philippines Football League Facebook Page.

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