Domino Effect of the Community Pantry

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3 years ago

A few weeks ago, Metro Manila and other provinces are placed under lockdown again due to the rising number of cases under the new variant. Now the people are seeking aid from our local government units, somewhere in Quezon City created a stand consisting of grocery needs and other essentials where they can take what they need to survive, and give back what they can to help their community.

It all started from the streets of Maginhawa, where this resident of Quezon City decided to help her fellow people despite her business being shut down with the current situation. Until, she and other volunteers placed a stand in Maginhawa St., then started to place grocery items as the people started to line up, take what they need and give back to help their community.

Because of this, more and more people started to create their community pantries to help their fellow people, but there would be people who are taking advantage. One incident happened a few days ago where a group of women decided to take everything that was on the table in the City of Pasig. While officials started to blubber they need permission from the mayor, even worse is being red-tagged.

My question to them is where is their evidence? Are they connected with the leftist groups? Why do they have to process everything? It's not even election time yet since these officials never use their brains.

For me, no need to process anything to help my fellow people, and no papers or any documentation to organize a community pantry. There's nothing wrong with helping your brothers & sisters out in the time of need. What the government thinks is everyone is an enemy of this nation. If I get tagged by the government, well I don't care. I'll move forward and remember why I started the movement.

For those who organized this community pantry from their respective communities, keep doing what you're doing. As I say it again, there's nothing wrong with helping your brothers & sisters out in the time of need. For the officials seated in government, do not wait for the moment that you'll be afraid of your people.

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3 years ago