Day of Valor

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On this day, we commemorate all the servicemen who answered the call, and their duty to protect our motherland from the Empire of Japan during World War II. Thousands of Filipinos and Americans lost their lives as they marched thousands of miles from the scourging heat of the sun to the abusive methods given by the Japanese.

How do we define Valor?

Filipino soldiers during World War II raised their Bolos

Valor means great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. The moment when our ancestors did everything by sacrificing their lives to being free from the Spanish to the Japanese. They fought with blood and sweat just to achieve freedom from our oppressors.

Now, the Chinese are becoming dominant to the entire world, as ordinary Filipino fishermen and even seafarers stood their ground on what is truly ours for what is right. We also remember their great deeds for our country, and their bravery. If I become the leader of our nation, I will never kneel to anyone who dares to oppose my fellow people.

The Bravery of our servicemen during World War II

Filipino Veterans of World War II. A snappy salute for your service.

Let us not forget who answered the call, and their solemn duty to protect our motherland against the invading force of the Japanese during World War II. These are ordinary people in their 20s at their time. As the years go by, they were forgotten, faced discrimination, and lurking in the shadows, but they were recognized for their efforts in the following years.

I still admire these people, I am grateful for their service and everything they've done for our country. Hoping there would no longer be another war, but in this current situation we're facing today, we should also look up to everyone around who's fighting on the same line to survive.

A Snappy Salute to our Medical Frontliners

Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Response Teams, everyone who's working in the medical industry. You have been criticized by those who are meddling in the government just to fill their pockets and who don't even care for our people. Generally, not all of them, but there are a few people who would help you out in the fight against this epidemic we're facing.

Even if you cannot see the enemy in the naked eye but I say thank you, for your hard work and for your dedication to facing a great threat mankind has unleashed. Aside from our medical frontliners, I would also give a snappy salute to our call center agents keeping our economy intact.

A Snappy Salute to the BPO Industry

To my former colleagues at Teleperformance - MOA, be safe & stay healthy

With my service for 4 years in the Business Process Outsourcing industry, I dealt with criticism from my family, and relatives. I chose this path then because of the reality that awakened me like an explosion. Yes, it is a great job with good benefits, and great money although our parents dreamed of the moment when we'll be getting a job after college.

Ignore those naysayers, critics, and remember why you chose that path just to help out your family. Whether you're a Customer Service Representative, Technical Support, Community Support, or whatever be your job title on the BPO company you're with, I'd say thank you for making our economy alive.

Shutting down BPO companies would cause an impact on our economy, and our country is not even richer than our neighbors in South-East Asia. Finally, I'll give my last salute to every ordinary person out there.

A Snappy Salute to everyone's fighting on the same line to survive

You may be lost your job, you had a fight or an argument with someone, you've been caught up, changed your path during the pandemic or whatever may be your situation right now. Be brave out there, face the adversity today. Don't give up. Remember there are a few people out there who loves you, cares for you. Remember why you're doing this for them.

I remember that day when I moved out and stayed for months at my previous company, just to survive. I converted that fear to muster my courage. We don't know when this is going to end, but I'm hoping that everything will be back to normal again, and we will share this story for generations to come.

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