Day 17 - My routine got changed

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3 years ago
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I noticed something last Monday, and I usually wake up around 6 am. Now, I wake up at 8:45 am or 9 am to be exact. I don't know if something changed in my body clock or my mind tells me to wake up from that exact time.

Moving on, as I previously mentioned, I am planning to do my next visit around the capital region and already down with 2 cities: Makati and Pasay City. As I only have 15 days left to stay here at my home in General Trias, Cavite, "Life after lockdown" will be back so stay tuned.

Aside from using this platform, I got disappointed by one of the administrators that my last diary was not eligible for entry. The only difference is, this other platform I'm using is moderated with real people from other parts of the globe and you'll get upvoted either by the moderators or the administrators of the community. Here, you'll have the freedom to write anything you want, join a community that suits your interest, then get rewarded by the bot or by anyone else. Both platforms are encouraged to write your articles originally made by us authors and more importantly add sources where did you get the images, quotes, or any part of the article that doesn't belong to you. We need to avoid plagiarism and that is why we dedicate our time and effort to write our own articles. I don't want to tell which platform it is and I'll post my daily journal here instead.

I need to change my routine for the next 15 days while I'm here at home, then off the road again to wander around the city.

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