Day 11 - A Football Legend & Frontman lost their lives today

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3 years ago
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Today's breakfast, Sopas!

November 26, 2020, 6:00 am. I went outside to grab some breakfast: a few pieces of bread, palabok (rice noodles), and sopas (hot Macaroni soup). After that, my friend posted about what happened to Diego Maradona. Thought it was a hoax, but it is legit. Another legend was lost. So I started to read a few articles, and the football universe sent their condolences and tributes to El Diez.

I started to write about his death, including his achievements at 9:30 am after reading & watching videos from YouTube, then posted it a few hours later. Before I eat I have to do a prayer at noon for the Angelus and the eternal repose of El Diez.

Lunch for today, Menudo!

After my prayers, I took my lunch and watched the 1986 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals between England and Argentina. Maradona has the magic touch, but his goal on the 51st Minute made an upset for the English claiming it was a handball, then 4 minutes later he passed 5 players to make it at the back of the net for his 2nd goal, and was dubbed as the Goal of the Century.

After watching the match, I grabbed some snacks at around 3:30 pm. While I was checking my news feed, another soul was taken, and that is Vladimir Garcia also known as Jamir - the lead vocalist of Rap Metal band Slapshock. I became a fan since 2007, and currently listening to this band if I feel down, depressed, or angry at the world.

Today's snack? Butter Cookies!

Jamir's cause of death was suicide, and reports saying photos are spreading all over social media about his death. It was like a wildfire, and for me, why don't you give respect to the fallen instead of sharing their lifeless body for the whole world to see. For this one, I'll be writing about also Jamir's achievements and contributions to our local rock scene. I still can't believe why he would do it?

Rock in Paradise, Jamir! Taken 3 years ago at Asia Pop Comic-Con

Moving on, after writing a few articles. I grabbed my dinner which is the same thing I ate at lunch. No worries, it's still good, and watched a few videos before going to bed.

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