Day 10 - Never Look Back

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November 25, 2020. As I was reading one of my previous articles, I thought of going back to this industry. Now, I'm having second thoughts, but I need to think of this a hundred times. I guess I might be overthinking right now, and hungry at that time. Before I take my lunch, I was looking at my friends list on Facebook to see if they're still active or not. Out of my curiosity, I wonder what happened with my crush back then. I'm not going to give her full name on this post, and to respect her privacy so I'll give her a nickname instead and that was Sam.

How did I meet her? That was 8 years ago, my mom has a close connection with someone in the ballet community which they were good friends in the theater scene, her name was Susan, and has a daughter named Sam. Susan became her regular customer since my mom is a seamstress.

We were invited to watch a ballet recital at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I never watched a recital before, the moment I watched Sam perform on stage, my heart melted with her posture, her poses, her emotions, I mean everything to it. Aside from ballet, they also showcase Hip-Hop and other genres as well.

The last time I saw her again when they went to our ancestral home in Manila, business as usual. I was very busy and shy at that time since I was working on my project in college. I never had the guts on having a conversation with her because I never had the confidence yet. Now, I checked her profile again. She changed her cover and profile photo. Upon checking her cover pic, she was holding a baby. I begin to think. She's now a mom? Anyway, will share my final thoughts on this.

Took my lunch and watched a few videos on YouTube, then fell asleep throughout the day. After I woke up, I meditate for a few minutes, and I already made my decision that I no longer want to continue to work with my previous company so I can dedicate my time to this platform to show everything that is happening out there using my skills as a photographer and writer at the same time, and never look back. I'll keep moving forward and as I have mentioned before, there will be new opportunities with endless possibilities.

Took my dinner and writing this article after. For Sam, on the other hand, I guess that is her choice. She was from a well-known family, unlike me who has big dreams and goals in life. If we're able to see each other again, that is up to me if I want to court her or just be friends with her.

"Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back."

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