Crater Glow spotted at Mt. Mayon

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3 years ago

Aside from last year's eruption at Mt. Taal, another active volcano from the Pacific Ring of Fire is now being monitored in the province of Albay, Philippines. It's been 3 years (January 22, 2018) after its last eruption, as the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS) observes a faint crater glow. This indicates that the magma beneath the volcano is moving up towards the crater that could lead to a possible eruption.

Crater Glow detected by PHILVOLCS

It was first observed 2 weeks ago (January 6), then again 4 days ago (January 18) and 2 days ago (January 20). Previously, it was on Alert Level 2. Now, the Alert Status was changed to Level 1 as authorities advised the public not to enter within the 6 to 7 kilometer-radius around the volcano, and they could not tell if it would spew ashfall again, explosions, and lava collapse. For the full update, click/tap here to read more.

In Filipino Mythology, it was once said that the volcano grew from the burial grounds of Daragang Magayon (Beautiful Lady), and Panganoron. Bicolanos named it after their departed heroine. For this one, I'll create an article about this very soon.


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