Christine Dacera: Raped or Foul Play?

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New Year's Day (January 1). City Garden Hotel, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Around lunchtime, a young woman was found unconscious on a bathtub as one of her friends, and hotel personnel tried to revive her using CPR, then rushed her to the nearest hospital, but it was too late. Sharon Dacena (the mother's victim) wanted justice for her daughter as millions of people around social media shout for unwanted truth & justice.

The victim? Christine Angelica Dacera, 23 years old from General Santos City. The second of 4 siblings. She took a communications degree and graduated as a cum laude from the University of the Philippines in Davao City. 2 years ago, she moved to Manila to work for Philippine Airlines as a Flight Attendant. A talented performer and participated in beauty pageants. Her dream was to take her family around the world.

What happened?

December 31, 2020. Christine booked a room at the City Garden Hotel, Makati City to celebrate New Year's Eve with her gay friends and stayed in Room 2209. Gregorio Angelo Rafael de Guzman and 2 others were with her. CCTV footage shows men were looking at Christina, talked to her, even the victim carried her shoes with her wineglass. The other men mentioned were in Room 2207. Sources say that the gatherings to celebrate the new year are gays & bisexuals, and Christine was the only woman in the room.

At around 12:30 am New Year's Eve, Christine was able to make a video call with her family to celebrate. But it will turn out to be a tragic fate for the flight attendant. Aside from Gregorio, Rommel Galida (another close friend of Christina) woke up around 10:00 am and found Christina lying on the bathtub. She looked asleep, so he put a blanket over her to keep her warm. Rommel woke up at noon then noticed Christina didn't move a muscle. He called Gregorio and another one named John Dela Serna for help. Gregorio checked if she is still breathing, but doesn't show signs of air coming out of her nostrils, he tried to wake her up, and he tried to revive her using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but no response. There were attempts to revive her by the hotel clinic, it was the same result. They called for help, but no one came so they decided to rush her to the Makati Medical Center. Christine Dacera was declared dead on arrival.

The Aftermath?

The autopsy report was spread throughout social media, and this should have been a confidential file. Autopsy reports are not public records either, for the process, a preliminary report is available within the first few days. For the full results, it would take around either six to twelve weeks. It will be available only to those legally entitled to receive them. Sharon may have the authority to get these records if certain conditions are met. Now that the autopsy report is leaked around the public and Sharon demands to go on for a 2nd report, the first report shows there were lacerations on Christine's thighs and contusions on her knees. Then, traces of sperm was found on her genitalia. Was she possibly raped & abused on that night? Or did she had a rough night with someone before the incident? The cause of her death was a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Possibly, it can be resulted after giving CPR, or it affected the intoxications but there are a lot of reasons why she died in the afternoon of New Year's Day.

The PNP cannot declare if there is foul play involved, instead, they declared it as a "rape-slay" case and filed charges against the accused 12 suspects. Another interesting story here is that the case is now closed. How you would even declare that it is now closed even if the investigation is still ongoing while other suspects are on the run? It should be done with a process, the suspects will be in full custody, the investigation team will find evidence if the crime was truly committed, and certain hearings will be held in court. Then, it should be closed once the suspects are found either guilty or not guilty.

The other men with Christine on New Year's Eve disappeared. 3 of the 12 suspects are now in custody. 9 remaining suspects are still at-large. Gregorio was one of the primary suspects and shared his statement that he didn't rape Christina. Gregorio is gay. Now, gay men don't tend to make love with a female, it is not in their nature and they would only do it with an attractive man. Bisexuals, on the other hand, can do it either with a straight man or woman, gay men, or even to a transgender.

PAL Express, a subsidiary of Philippine Airlines sends their sympathies and their only desire is for the truth and justice for their colleague. University of the Philippines in Davao City also send their sympathies to their departed alumna. Including close friends of Ica (Christina's nickname) to make noise around social media using #StopVictimBlaming and #ProtectDrunkGirls as a protest for their departed friend, following the protest #JusticeforChristineDacena went viral.

PNP Chief Debold Sinas declares 72-hours for the remaining suspects to turn themselves in, or they will use lethal force if necessary and a warrant of arrest will be issued. How will the suspects even fight back? Using their fingernails and scratch their faces? Only if they have street-fight experience and it is also not in their nature to be violent. Before I end this, to the bashers, why would you even care about a woman's outfit? Is that the cause of her death? A woman can wear anything she wants, depends on her style and personality. And for the women around, learn to defend yourselves. Take any self-defense lessons, and know the people around you if they can be trusted or not. The story is still developing, and these are my only insights on this ongoing case. The judicial system must be followed in a manner of process instead of rushing. Only the truth will prevail.


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