Asan na sila? The Men behind the "Miracle of Hanoi"

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From my previous article (click or tap here to read more), we tackled the current state of Football here in the Philippines. To our local leagues, the fans, the Ultras Movement, people who were involved to promote the sport and is now getting popular to the masses. The big question about the Azkals 2010 roster is, asan na sila? (Translates to Where are they now?)

The Azkals 2010 roster. Image Source:

On the given image above, the majority of the 2010 roster are now retired, but some decided to leave the team except for Neil Etheridge (Top Middle - # 1), Goalkeeper of Birmingham City, currently playing for the EFL Championship and still part of the national team. Let's find out the status of each player.

  • The Younghusband Brothers (Phil - # 10 & James - # 7) were recently featured on Oh my Goal and both of them are now retired. Phil first announced his retirement on November 18, 2019, and the following year, James retired on June 25. Both brothers appeared in 101 matches, 52 International Goals for Phil and 12 International Goals for James.

  • Rob Gier (# 2) retired on February 17, 2016. Now, he's a development coach for Reading FC and consultant at a private school in Oxfordshire.

  • Anton Del Rosario (# 4) left the national team in 2014. Now, he established the Philam Life 7s Football League in 2018 as commissioner and founder of Maharlika Manila FC during this season of the Philippines Football League.

  • Roel Gener (# 8) is now retired and currently enlisted for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He previously played for the Philippine Army FC from the United Football League.

  • Aly Borromeo (# 11) left the team last 2014 due to his ACL injury but went back in 2016 to play for Kaya Futbol Club. Now, he's the team manager of Kaya.

  • Jason De Jong (# 17) announced his retirement in October 2014 to focus on his family and currently playing for the NWS Spirit FC.

  • Chris Greatwich (# 18) left the team by taking a break in 2015 to spend time with his family and his newborn son at that time. He became the head coach of Kaya Futbol Club as an interim and went full time from 2015 to 2018. Thomas Dooley appointed him as his Assistant Coach until the head coach's departure, he remained in his position and worked with Sven-Göran Eriksson during the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 and the AFC Asian Cup 2019. The current director of Kaya FC Academy and Host of Across the Line podcast.

  • Ian Araneta (# 23) also retired from the team, currently an active serviceman of the Philippine Air Force, and

  • Ray Anthony Jónsson (# 27) is the current head coach of the Grindavik's women's team.

Simon McMenemy (left), the grand architect of this marvelous achievement. He left the Philippines in 2011 and was replaced by Michael Weiß, until he went back as head coach of the Loyola Meralco Sparks in 2014, then moved to Indonesia in 2016 to manage Bhayangkara. Now, the current head coach of the Indonesian Football Team (the Garudas).

Dan Stephen Palami (right), the team manager of the Philippine Azkals since 2009. He was hesitant at first about the offer so he took it. The man who's responsible to secure qualification from the AFF Suzuki Cup, the AFC Challenge Cup, the qualifying rounds for the FIFA World Cup, and AFC Asian Cup which we won 2 - 1 against Tajikistan. He still envisions the future of Filipino Football with open arms since the country is obsessed with basketball, and the senior team with high hopes of entering the biggest stage, the FIFA World Cup.

These are the men responsible for the Philippines' milestone in the world of Football. We were the weakest team, yes, but with hard work, dedication, sacrifice, cooperation, and collaboration sometimes you'll make it, others will try to take you down but always get back and finish what you started. As a fan and part of the Ultras movement, to all of the men involved in resurrecting Filipino Football, a big thank you to all of you!

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