4Ps? Why not 5Ps!

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3 years ago

Okay, this is not the program issued by our government. Let me tell you about it. When the pandemic strikes in, the e-Commerce industry boomed in as ordinary Filipino people find other ways to survive within the current situation. It's given they would sell the same product, and the only difference is the price, but as sellers would do their business in the digital world they will find a different approach to gain more buyers.

The new online selling trend on social media.

It became a trend within social media mostly beautiful women, as their tactic is to show off their assets (not nude in front of the camera) as they're only wearing spaghetti-strap Sandos, or tubes and show their items via Livestream. I know what you're thinking guys (stop looking on the chest!). It was very effective for buyers even if they don't have other things they need for in their life.

The 4ps of a successful marketing strategy

It is said that a successful marketing strategy has the 4Ps which are: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. With the current trend on social media, another P should be added to their strategy, which is called Pasexyhan! can be who's the most appealing saleswoman around the internet. It can be competitive, but it can lead to something elsewhere if netizens would not like the presentation.

Before the pandemic and the rise of e-Commerce, which reminds me, these women that I saw around only on photos and never watched their live streams, they're the frontliners when they're promoting a brand as they visit any restaurants & bars from their area, especially to any car or motor events just to get customers, as the saying goes "sex sells". Isn't it the same principle in today's trend in social media?

Taken 3 years ago at the Manila International Auto Show at the World Trade Center/Philippine Trade Training Center. These are the frontliners of every car/motor show as they try to gain customers around the event.

It does, right? However, anyone has their style of engaging with other people, it's their choice and never judge them. Before I end this, 90% Maniacs, 10% Buyers! Just kidding and purchase responsibly. I still prefer purchasing items the old fashioned way.

Lead Image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAkBWsX36iE

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3 years ago