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Taj Mahal's Secret Entrance

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6 months ago
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You probably know the Taj Mahal as one of the seven wonders of the world. You might also know it as a UNESCO heritage site but do you know that there is a lot about the Taj Mahal that is not known to the world?

There is something that lies below the Taj Mahal the doors for it has been closed by wall. It is rumored that the Taj Mahal has a secret way to the red fort which is about 2 kilo meters from there. There is clear evidence that there is a passage way from inside the Taj Mahal which has been cordoned off and closed to the general public. People are not even allowed to investigate this even though knowledge about this passage way is common knowledge among the local village folk.

There is definitely a mystery here and there is definitely something that the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is hiding. The ASI knows something for sure which they don't want the people of India to know about.

The ASI is supposed to safeguard the country's heritage on the behalf of the people of India, it is after all India's heritage, the ASI doesn't own the heritage. They don't own the Taj Mahal. The ASI is only in charge of safeguarding it and preserving it on the behalf of the people of India.

It is high time the ASI should be reformed. It should be disbanded. It is a corrupt and useless organization and a new body of professional archeologists should be appointed instead.

The ASI has been overseeing the whole sale loot and destruction of India's heritage. You see in the news that every week idols are being stolen from Indian (specifically Hindu) temples which magically show up in the museums in the west. It's a whole sale pillage that is going on since colonial times.

The ASI is a colonial institution, it was started by the British. If you see the museums of the UK, they are filled with stolen Indian heritage and artifacts. It was all facilitated by the ASI and even today the ASI has been doing nothing more than that, after more than 75 years of Indian independence from the British.

The surprising part here is that the ASI will protect all the Mughal monuments in India but only loot the Hindu temples and monuments.

Something to think about and ponder!

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Written by   3
6 months ago
Topics: Politics, India, History, Life, World, ...
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I am concerned about this, hopefully ASI can be more honest in the future.

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6 months ago