Websites and services where you can use bitcoin cash (BCH) (Updated 17/03/2020)

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So I decided to put together a list of Platforms where you can use your BCH as this list will grow bigger and bigger so I will be updating it a lot, I will appreciate any comment which can be a help for adding more platforms in it .

Ecommerce Stores/ Online stores/ Online Services (Domain, VPS, hosting)

  1. I love the way it works, You can buy anything from amazon using this with that You can Make some profit by buying items from amazon listed here.

  2. Another good platform to buy goods with BCH

  3. A platform where you can buy social media services for marketing purpose.

  4. A platform where you can buy Domain, Hosting, VPS.

  5.  Online airbrush shop, create personalized T shirts, Hats, and Hoodies in a variety of styles. 

  6. Buy Vps, Workspace, SMTP relay and much more

  7. A fine website where you can buy and send gift cards to loved one's.

  8. A website where you can buy games and games gift cards.


  1. Find restaurant near you order food pay with BCH its simple as that

  2. If you are jerky lover a fine place for you

  3. Perfect Hot sauce a fine quality product

  4. Good coffee shop

  5. Another coffee startup which can accept BCH

Gaming , Gambling & casino

  1. A good platform to play different casino games with BCH Slots are my favorite.

  2. Its another casino platform and its my second favourite in the list you can play many games here on provably fair minimum bet in bch here is 0.00000005 .

  3. Its a new platform but it have a lot of potential, People can play with each other.

  4. This is another Good platform to play dice.

Travel and Hotel websites

  1. Book Hotels with BitCoin Cash (BCH)

  2. Bitcoin.Travel Book flights, cards, hotel and plan your tour with

  3. for booking flights, hotels, and cars.

Social media/Content sharing/Directories

  1. A twitter like platform base on BCH blockchain where you can get tips in satoshis.

  2. A platform where you can write and share your content and if you are lucky you can get tipped in BCH, Or if you are admirer of good content like this you can Tip the writer to encourage.

  3. A directory of stores which are accepting bitcoin cash.

  4. here also you can find services which are accepting bitcoin cash.

  5. Map with locations of store around the globe where bitcoin cash is accepted .

    Soon I will add more site to it Bookmark it for fast access My mission is to make a complete directory of Quality websites and services which accept BCH. If you want me to add your Website in this list please contact Thank you.

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Topics: Bitcoin Cash
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You can try if you want to accept BCH payments for your website. Soon Merchant API available too.

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Buy domains, website hosting and more.

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Nice article.

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