Digital marketing Quick introduction & SEO [part 1]

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On My last article  ", SEO and User abuse." I got pretty good response of community discussing more about digital marketing and wished if they can learn more about it. So I decided to start a series of tutorials about Digital marketing that how it can be done. Normally when people want to generate more sales, get more traffic on their websites, want to propagate their product or idea, they need the help of a digital marketer to make it done. Digital marketing is becoming more efficient way to market any business or cause and digital marketers charge a good amount of money to do this, including me. Vice versa when a person wanted to learn this courses they have to pay a good amount of money for classes to, Their are a large number of courses on youtube where one can learn free but with those courses the main focus of creator is to let more people know that he is good in digital marketing, so he can get more clients, It's a classic way of marketing for that they often leave confusion points for watchers to make them realize this is pretty hard thing to do.

So let's start learning digital marketing and make this platform more useful.With that thought I want to suggest to add a section of "Tutorials" to in their section list. My mission in these tutorials are to keep things as easy as possible and right to the point which can be done easily by any one.

I am doing digital marketing since 2007 and spent more than 100000 $ on ads I ran for my clients on platform like google, facebook, bing etc, Obviously I spent that much money because this works for me and my clients so this is definitely worth it doing digital marketing of products some people say otherwise but since my 13 years career I found digital marketing getting more efficient day by day.

Daily 5.5 billion searches on average are conducted on all alone on google search engine. Which makes is 1 hundred thousand searches per seconds, Every second two new websites get registered on the internet, every that 5.3 million new blog posts are being published on websites, So while I was writing this blog posts which took 2 minutes for me to reach to this points on internet we have now 12000 new blog posts. These statistic are taken by Internet live stats.

These statistics are for purpose to make reader understand that how big this ocean is even if one succeeded to get one drop of it then its a win situation. So lets start digital marketing first class with SEO [part one.]

SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is process to work through algorithm of search engines to make websites/ posts more visible in search engines to get organic traffic from search engines. This is different then getting paid placement on search engines search results to get paid traffic, In this whole series we will learn both organic and paid ways to get marketing done so as first SEO part down below I am writing some common terms in SEO which we gonna use in our this tutorial of SEO.

  1. Backlink (Inbound link, Incoming link, Citation, External link)

    A back link is some other website linking to other website a example of this can be found in above paragraph of statistic in which. I put backlink in this article of the source of my stats from where I took them in last sentence. Its like a vote of confidence for the websites. The backlink is coming from the more higher websites then the websites which is backlinked is likely to get more confidence in search engines which help a website to get ranked vice versa if backlink is coming from spam websites then search engines consider the website spammy which lead to spam jail or sandbox, Which means search engine will rank down your website and eventually they wont showing your website in searches.

  2. Blog commenting

    This was the classic way to build backlink but since it was abuse so much that google have to put full stop on it. many marketers use this option today but I am not in favour to use this option for creating backlinks as it can done more harm then it can do favour. Reason why I posted this when we are not going to use it because people who want to learn marketing eventually will find it and using it without appropriate cautions can lead them to do more damage to their websites. So it's a big NO for this unless you think your specific comment is 100% relevant with back link of your website and will advantage the readers.

  3. Bounce rate

    This is one of the most important thing in SEO which help search engines to determine quality of your content. Bounce rate is calculated by recording reactions of your visitors if visitors landed on your webpage and left immediately, Which indicates that something wrong with your content which lead search engines algorithm to assume that content you published on your page is deceiving or a clickbait, Which result in getting your page in lower ranks. The higher bounce rate is the higher in danger your website is.

  4. Breadcrumb navigation (Breadcrumb trail)

    It's a path of your website URL that is define so well that user can navigate easily on your website. That on any page he go he sees where is navigation easily in url .For example if he is seeing some product in url he can see the main page after that category, sub category and then product "Home>men>shoes>boots" the more cleaner it define the more value of this you get in "SERP" resulting your website in landing "SERP" Results. This is also good for google bot to easily crawl and map website.

  5. Search engine result page (SERP)

    The traditional search engine results consist on a title headline and a short description following the link. But SERP are results whole page displayed on top of result against any search query. look below for example.

  6. Call to action (CTA)

    As it can be read this simply means call to action. Giving call to users or visitor to do a specific action such as "Book now, Call now, Shop now, Sign up, Read more or Tip now" as you can see with examples it can be used anywhere to give the course of actions to your visitors for what to do next if they are interested.

  7. Click through rate (CTR)

    These CTR are usually to learn what clicks you get on how many impression. Which means if you get 1000 impression and get one click on any ad this means your ctr is 0.1% the formula for this is "number of click" / " number of impresion" x 100. The higher CTR you get in any paid promotion the good the promotion is going on.

  8. Click bait

    Clickbait is the trick to drive more visitors to specific content, Example of this can be seen anywhere on internet especially on youtube. Human Physiology now days goes for clickbaits and it is efficient way of getting more visitors on your content but with that a large number of people makes clickbait crossing moral lines which make this thing morally wrong and can make bounce rates high so one can use this trick but should be bound in moral values to not make it 100% not worth it .

  9. Content

    Content any thing which can engage visitor i.e articles, video, pictures or animation the quality of engaging content play vital role in any type of digital marketing.

  10. Conversion

    Conversion term use for making visitor doing something which publisher desire according to his CTA( call to action ) so conversion can be measure by any action publisher wont their visitors to do.

  11. Cost per action (CPA, Cost per acquisition, Pay per acquisition, Pay per action)

    Getting action done by targeted audience and if it is paid in any way the cost of per action is known as CPA, This is simplest way to describe it.

  12. Crawl (Crawling)

    This is a process initiate by search engines once your website gets in search engine radar by any means. If you submit your website manually to search engine or they can read your link anywhere on any websites their bots start crawling your website and fetch data out of it and stores in their database.

  13. Deep linking

    This is a method which creates links on content in with the website means linking your other page to some other page with in your own website. It makes page relevancy higher and help in on page SEO.The example of this can bee seen in my first paragraph of this article where I put my another article link.

  14. Dofollow link

    All links are by default do follow links until the website owner limit it and make it no follow link. As seen by link do follow link on any website can be lead traffic to another website .

  15. Domain Authority (DA)

    DA shows the relevancy of the website in its industry, The higher your website DA is the higher it has vote of confidence from search engines. DA can be acquired by getting backlink from industry top websites.

  16. Geotargeting

    A method to target audience by their geographical location.

  17. Guest posting (Guest blogging)

    A method to get a backlink for your website by contributing to some other website with higher DA. Which can help your website to get better ranks in search engines. But it should be matching the website category and your link category. i.e if I put my website link in this article for getting clients for digital marketing it would be relevant link in this guest post.

  18. Indexing

    The method which are use to get your website index in search engines. Easiest method for doing this is creating a XML Site map of your website and upload it in search engine tools allowing search engine bot to crawl your website and add it to their index.

  19. Keyword

    The words which user type in search engines in order to find a matching content. Focusing on keywords in your articles and making it more relevant in your content help search engine bots to make it display on time to get more organic traffic to your website.

  20. Keyword competition (Keyword difficulty, Keyword SEO difficulty)

    keyword competition is an important metric that shows how easy or difficult it is to compete for rank on this word or phrase in the SERPs. It is a sign of the popularity of this keyword in your particular niche.

  21. Keyword density

    The percentage of a keyword used on a page compare to other words. The more higher density is the more chance is to get top ranks in search engines but over doing it can result in lost of relevancy of your content.

  22. Metadata

    Metadata is used to give descriptive information on a website. It is set up by the use of meta tags in the web site's code and put to use by the browser and search engine crawler. The most important tags are the title, meta description, and robots, but they are just a drop in the meta sea.

  23. Off-page SEO

    All SEO techniques done outside your website i.e link building, getting social signals, guest posting etc

  24. On page SEO

    Exact opposite of off page the techniques done in your website for SEO .

  25. Page speed (Page load speed, Page load time, Page response time)

    Page load speed is a measurement of how much time it takes for your entire web page content to be displayed in the browser window.

    The loading speed affects both your rank and user experience. Visitor bounce rate tends to be higher on slower web pages and it even affects the dwell time and engagement.

  26. Robots.txt (Robots exclusion standard)

    A text file used by a website to communicate to web robots (most commonly SE bots) how to process each page of your website. Here you can set certain pages as off-limits for the bot and scan only the most useful content.

  27. Social signal

    An SEO term that describes the engagement activities on social media like shares, votes, pins, views, etc. It is not quite clear if they influence ranking, but they for sure increase the likelihood that a website will be cited increasing the number of backlinks and improving brand authority.

I am trying to make this article as on point as possible as I know it's better to be on point to making people bore so this is first introduction part and I put all essential information we will be using in our next tutorials so we can move forward quick . In next part we will learn using tools provided by search engines to get our page index and what can be done to get rank with that we will also learn keyword researching .

Please support My these tutorials so most people can benefit from it with that leave any question you want to ask in comment below and I will Try to answer this as fast as I can. Let us learn all together using this wonderful platform Thank you.

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Good crash course in the subject. A pocket guide for entrepreneurs. I always find something new, more precisely better presented in these kind of content - but yours is really on point! Waiting on part 2! :)

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