Top 10 luxury travel destinations in the world

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Oslo, Norway

Oslo has the highest prices and wages in the world, and its prices are 70% higher than the world average. 

If you want to go to Oslo, you must be prepared to burn money. It is much more expensive to play there than in Western Europe!

But Oslo is located in the beautiful Nordic city of Norway, which adds a unique Nordic style to the city. And the Nordic city will be a place that many tourists aspire to. You can stop by Northern Europe, which is like a place far away from the earth.


Zurich Switzerland

Zurich's weekend trips are the most expensive in the world, and its taxis are also the most expensive in the world .

However, there are many interesting places in Zurich, whether it is fresh and clean natural landscapes, or majestic buildings with rich humanities, all are places worth watching. Moreover, the people in Zurich are very hospitable and if you go to Zurich, you will definitely feel the unique taste of the city.

How to save money: Zurich taxis are really expensive, but you can rent bikes for free from May to October. You just need to show a valid ID and pay a small deposit.


New York, USA

New York is the most expensive city in North America for weekend travel. Like Tokyo, New York has the highest average accommodation costs for luxury and mid-range hotels. Luxury hotels cost $ 730 a night, while mid-range hotels cost $ 340 a night.

How to Save Money: Try New York's "Free Lunch". In addition, attractions such as the Bronx Zoo, the American Illustration Museum, and the New York Botanical Garden have free open days.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The well-known Bora Bora is a tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean. This island has an isolated charm and attracts many tourists to visit it.

It was once named the most beautiful island in the world by "U.S. News and World Report", but at the same time it is also a sky-high place. Bora Bora's famous water bungalows cost on average around $ 1,000 per night, and are not only expensive for accommodation. Summer flights from San Francisco to Bora Bora start at $ 2,500.

The way to save money: from November to March, it's a little lower, and you can also experience the famous water bungalow


Sydney, Australia

The Urban Living Index and Deutsche Bank analysis show that Sydney, a sunny city, has risen to the highest price level in the world, and Sydney ’s weekend travel costs exceed New York.

Sydney is already one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world.Ways to Save Money: Wine, beer and cocktails will increase your stay. But in Sydney's own drinks restaurant, you can bring only your favorite drinks without drinks, so you can save the cost of drinks (or just drink a cocktail, you can also reduce some drinks).


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo ranks third in the world price level and is 50% higher than most Asian cities. But in fact, in terms of food and shopping, Tokyo's price level is the highest in the world. And like New York, it has the highest luxury and mid-range hotel rates in the world. 

The way to save money: If you want to eat cheap and delicious food, then go to the food store directly. Standing food, as the name implies, is standing to eat. There, you can eat noodles with the locals, and you can make a sizzling sound together, and it saves a lot of money than eating at a restaurant.


London, England

London has everything he wants for a wandering traveler: a magnificent museum, a thriving theatre culture, and more than 60 Michelin-starred restaurants, this dining scene has taken its place on the world stage.

But apart from that, it is also one of the regions with the highest cost of living in the world, which is really not good news for individual customers. Generally, a night spent in a four-star hotel costs more than $ 400, and a three-star hotel costs nearly $ 200.


Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegasers like to push the limits, and the same goes for price. Do you like spending money everywhere? Then Las Vegas would be happy to offer you this opportunity. How about a hotel for $ 40,000 a night? If this kind of cost makes you hungry and angry, then get a $ 5,000 burger .

The way to save money: Although Las Vegas is expensive , it is indeed a good place for businessmen. To save on accommodation, find a hotel away from the commercial street. 


Monte Carlo, Monaco

In Monte Carlo, everyone wants to live like a nobleman. But that day's price tag may make your little heart unbearable. According to the 2013 Hotel Price Index from, Monte Carlo has the highest hotel room rates in the world, averaging $ 308 a night.

The sky-high price is not just staying on hotel prices, but leisure entertainment is also a luxury pursuit. Monte-Carlo golf courses can cost as much as $ 176 or even more. A day at the Monte Carlo Deep Sea Thalasso Recreation Health Center costs $ 130. If you want to go around the Monte Carlo Beach Club, get ready to spend more than $ 100.

The way to save money: Monte Carlo hotels are indeed expensive, but there are many cheap hotels .



Just a few years ago, Singapore was a cheap place. But the strong value-added currency and the influx of wealthy immigrants have made Singapore one of the most expensive cities in the world. Reports indicate that Singapore ’s average hotel stay last year was around $ 260, making it an expensive stop for tourists.

Ways to Save Money: Singapore's food is still relatively cheap, especially the local cuisine offered by restaurants and food stalls. Alternatively, you can look for food in the basement of a city skyscraper.

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