The world's slowest scenic train, which is faster than a bicycle, but passengers still complain

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Have a special feeling for trains

Although it is not as convenient as a plane

But can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way

As if driving to a fairy tale snow world

Healing and dreaming

There is a very slow train in Switzerland

The whole venue is nearly 300 kilometers away

It takes 8 hours to drive

May not be much faster than a bicycle

But just take this train

You won't be bored

Fear of missing any scenery

Swiss Glacier Train

One of the top ten top luxury trains in the world

It is also a very popular all-view train in the world

It's on top of the Alps

Alpine railway line across the Alps

The train body is red

Most roofs are made of glass

Through the large roof and side glass

Make people feel outdoors

Blue sky, white clouds, snow fields, mountain peaks

Truly around you

On the glacier train

It seems like a trip to time

Beautiful scenery all the way

One of the most notable is Zermatt

The charming village of Zermatt

At the foot of this magnificent mountain

Throughout Europe

The Zermatt region is very famous for skiing

Even more top international resort

54 mountain ropeways and cable cars

And over 300 kilometers of ski runs

Many national ski teams train here

High altitude guarantees excellent snow source

Let ski lovers enjoy the extreme challenge

This small town in the Alps

Surrounded by 38 peaks above 4000 meters

Especially famous

Matterhorn at 4478 meters

It is the most beautiful peak in the Alps

A symbol of pride in Switzerland

The cover of Swiss Triangle Chocolate is it

A closer look at the perfect triangle of Matterhorn

Long-term snow-covered mountains refract metallic light

Some people say that they want to see the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland

One ride on the Glacier Express is enough!

Swiss use this romantic and slow train.

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Man, that looks beautiful!

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Love the pictures!

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