How many of the most beautiful sunrises in the world have you seen? 

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What the world looks like in the morning

How long have you never seen

Although the sunrise is short, it is extremely beautiful

No complicated decoration

It ’s a gift from nature

Different places have their own beauty

Take this list and enjoy it slowly!

Namibia45 Dunes

In low light at sunrise

The dark side is as dark as the night

The light and dark sides of the dune ridge line

Gives a strong visual impact

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Maybe you have visited many mountains and rivers

Also through many strange stone forests

But came to Grand Canyon National Park

But it still makes you shine

Whenever the sun comes out

The cliffs are stained with golden light by the morning light

Become incredibly brilliant

The shocking scene is truly unforgettable

Fuji from Japan

Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan

It is the sacred mountain in the minds of the Japanese

To see the wonderful sunrise at the top of the mountain

Many tourists have reached the summit from the dawn

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Being close to nature is the most important experience in South Africa

In Kruger National Park

Not only can you see tens of thousands of animals

And you can see the beautiful sunrise

Because Kruger National Park is close to the equator

Plus no horizon

You will find the sun here is very big

Very spectacular!

Myanmar Bagan

The first dawn of Myanmar sunrise

Outline a beautiful curve

Many travel magazines

Call it "the most gorgeous sunrise in Southeast Asia"

Cambodia Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat as a World Cultural Heritage

Is the most timeless theme of Cambodian travel

Just the sunrise here

Attracted countless tourists

Beautiful sunrise will tell you

Waiting for it is a worthwhile thing

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4 years ago


I saw sunset from the beach only.It was amazing..I can't descrive how i's great

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4 years ago

I Only saw the sunset in the beach nearest to our city.

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4 years ago