Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two cities

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Hands carrying silver dishes are busy on the carpet. It has been given name tags such as biryani, saluna, capsa, and luquai flavor, but traditional Emirati food is being prepared. You get a brown drink that's less than a sip and it's frowned upon. Arab coffee called 'Qahwa'.Emirati facing alleys in the historic district.Emirati facing alleys in the historic district.

Emirati facing alleys in the historic district

Shew Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding is located in the historic district of Al Fahidi. Dubai King Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum operates to help them understand their culture and customs.

In fact, as a traveler, it is not unusual to face Emirati directly. Only 15% of Dubai's population is Emirati, the nationality of the land, and the rest are foreigners who stay to work. There is no opportunity to talk, so of course misunderstanding and prejudice. Oil riches racing in supercars between skyscrapers? Dubai is not the only one living here. That's why he started his journey in the old city where the old light fell before the great city tour called 'The Miracle on the Desert'.

Grow as big as ambition

The crowds, crowded at the Dubai Mall's outdoor fountain show, the world's largest shopping center, seemed to prove what travelers expect from Dubai. Admire the splendid cosmopolitans created by the state-of-the-art skyscrapers and the cosmopolitans created by human resources. In front of Burj Khalifa, the 828m high in the world, everyone was excited by the rhythmic stream. Once overwhelmed by the high-rises of the skyscrapers, you can never recall the old Dubai of 40-50 years ago.

Dubai frame in the shape of a huge picture frame. Old & New, you can see both sides of the city

Climb the 150-meter-long golden framed gazebo in Dubai Frame, where you can see the city of the past and the future. On one side is a modern city with unfamiliar sparkle, and on the other side is a low-rise, old town that looks like ivory paint overturned. Surprisingly, the time difference between the two is not so large. The rapid development of fire was when oil was discovered in 1964. The reserves are ridiculously small and are no longer the pillars of the Dubai economy, but at the time, they were a big plus. The city's intriguing interests are not simply due to pride in its wealth and its entertainment in Dubai. There is a sense of anticipation for a forward-looking city, driven by the wise eyes and leadership of the future of the king of Dubai. It is no wonder that the world's attention is focused on the expo in 2020. You'll see another dimension of the future presented by a city that has turned palms upside down in half a century.

Charming Oryx with long horns encountered during a desert tour

Desert Safari

Waving scarlet sand sea 

The scenery has been changed to get out of downtown Dubai. Outside the window, it soon became a dull wasteland, and the camel's tender silhouette occasionally passed from far away. The path to the desert was similar to turning a needle upside down.”According to South African guide Shane, Shankbassing, which speeds up and down sand dunes, has a detrimental effect on the desert. "There's a lot of wildlife out there that's invisible right now, but it's in the sand."

Bedouin camp in the desert

Snowy Grand Mosque is classical

Abudhabi Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Elegant Wealth 

The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi. Each city is made up of seven emirates, each with its own king. The king of Abu Dhabi, the capital, is the president and the king of Dubai becomes the vice president.The streets and the atmosphere of the people were very different. Is Abu Dhabi a bit noble? Abu Dhabi accounts for 87% of the country, and only 5% of the country is Dubai. Abu Dhabi, the world's sixth largest oil reserve, is a true oil rich. The wealth flows into the city as it is. 

Playground of speed

Formula Rosa slid like a bullet at 240 km / h. In just two seconds, a short moment of reaching 100km per hour. When the challengers clad in the red seats of the world's fastest roller coaster arrived at the platform and clapping, I commend Abu Dhabi for attracting Ferrari World.

This thrilling place is the world's largest indoor theme park for the Italian sports car brand, where you can enjoy all sorts of world-record rollercoasters and rides, as well as cart racing, Ferrari showrooms and a variety of car-related programs. Yas Island, where Ferrari World is located, is a playground of speed. The Yas Marina Circuit is also home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. A race car running a total of 305.47 km around a 55-wheel circuit of 5.55 km. Phil Alice, who oversees the driving experience, said it took only 1.8 seconds to replace the four tires, citing the excitement of SuperSpeed.

He encouraged visitors to take a Chevrolet Drift Taxi, one of the programs available. He wore a tight helmet and sat down in the passenger seat to fasten his seatbelt, but he was helpless in a taxi rushing round the corners and furiously running at over 200 km per hour. It wasn't just speed that admired the number of turns I had made. “Abu Dhabi Grand Prix gives the winner a cider, not champagne. Alcohol is forbidden because it's an Islamic country. ”According to Phil Alice, there is a rumor that pouring roses to the winner on the podium is actually seven-up. The beauty of Abu Dhabi, such as those who pour out rich wealth and add elegant hobbies to the city, while keeping the traditions, is truly such. 

Al Seef Heritage Hotel Al Seef Heritage Hotel
is a unique concept hotel located in the Alcif district south of Dubai Creek. Among the traditional buildings that recreate the old Dubai scene, it is as if it were a real Arabian merchant's home. The soft beige interior is carefully decorated in Arabic style with furniture, lights and carpets.

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