My Great Dane and I

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3 years ago

Today I woke up thinking that I could write, and my childhood dog came to mind.

In 1994, in one of my walks at my friend Virgilio's house, he had a GRAN DANES dog hunt, they had 4 puppies, there I bought them a Harlequin Great Dane. The parents were named DAISY and DONALD.

The dog came to our house as a puppy, we all fell in love with him, especially my mother, we named him Roco, we bought him a bottle and we fed him with formula milk, after months he was already walking, his growth was fast, it was like having a pony in the house, it was already biting, it was a very playful dog, everyone was very happy with the puppy, it was a very rough puppy, I imagine it was because of its size.

At 4 months we sent him to operate on his ears, as we all know there are a variety of dogs that need to cut their ears to make them stand upright, and Roco was no exception, he looked like an artist and with his blue eyes and the other green It was a very beautiful and intelligent dog, it's incredible, you had to live it to believe it, he expected everyone to come home to go to sleep, he got used to it like that, the ones who were always late were my dad and I, my Dad for his work that he left the house at 11am and the entrance was 2 in the morning (he was a waiter).

I always arrived half an hour later, Roco always aware of each one of us. When my mother scolded him, he understood her and lowered his ears, he threw himself holding his stick of water. He really was a very intelligent and noble dog. Sometimes when I had any kind of problem, I would talk to him, and I felt that he understood me, he would put his face on my leg and look at me, his empathy was felt, it was like his father friend extended me to make me feel better and accompanied.

As I mentioned in my presentation publication, I lived in the city of Caracas, 10 minutes from Cerro El Ávila, every Sunday morning we went for a walk to this emblematic hill, thank God we always had a relay who walked with him When there was no one waiting for the Sunday walk the dog would bark, I have never seen so much intelligence together, dogs are definitely the best.

 Our dog was wonderful, the whole family loved him, as well as friends and neighbors on the block, I recently saw a movie called Marley Me (in Spanish Marley and me), starring the actors Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, tells the story of a family that had a labrador retriever, they tell from the time they bought it, their day-to-day life with him, the thousands of antics of the dog, in each daily experience the connection between Marley and the family grew I realized there that the love I felt for Roco is a universal feeling, we can even see many movies that speak of this connection and feeling.

The year 2001 arrived, my first son Rafael Eduardo was born, Roco took it with great pleasure, he was very jealous with my son, the following year in 2002 my dog ​​got a disease transmitted by the tick called Erliquia and we realized Already in its terminal phase, this disease was consuming him little by little, he took him to the vet, he told us that it was too late we left him.

 15 days thinking that he was going to be cured with a treatment that the veterinarian prescribed, but the dog no longer controlled his lower extremities, this disease affected the motor part, it attacked the brain part, it did not coordinate anything.

It was time to put him to sleep, that was very difficult for me and for the rest of my family, the vet came home to prepare the cocktail, he explained to us what the dog's reaction was when they were injected, I told Dr. Que I wanted to do it and I saw his eyes when the liquid passed through his veins, he urinated and his gaze lost his tongue completely out, I have no words on how to explain Roco's death. I felt terrible it was my dog ​​that I saw from a very young age, he was given a bottle, it was a pain like the death of a relative.

 From that moment on, I never had a dog or any kind of pet, now I feel like stopping a dog, a friend from hiking, to share an exit to Cerro El Morro. One takes a huge affection for animals, I am a dog lover whenever I have, I will look for a labrador or a golden retrive, I am one of the people who thinks they are very intelligent animals.

This is a medal they gave us when they gave him his rabies shots

 My dear community, based on my experience, having a pet with many responsibilities is not having an animal to have it, they require care, food, love, attention and affection, it is one more member of the family, I invite you to do have a chance to have it, do it, dogs are truly a best friend.

The photos I published of Roco are my property by @rafaelperez.

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3 years ago


Good morning brother @Miguel071120, today I am seeing your comment. If it really was a very strong experience that moment. But I had some experiences with my dog, until the sun today I do not have a pet, in this case a dog. But I'm looking for one, I'll have it very soon. Thanks for your comment..

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3 years ago

Hello friend, happy night, I am new around here, my name is Miguel, I hope you welcome me with great pleasure, I began to read your publication and wuao it was a shocking and beautiful story that you lived and his family with his Great Dane, I liked it a lot, and I have my puppy with me too, and it's not just because I have him I love him very much I give him his good treatment and everything, happy night my friend

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3 years ago