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Between Love and Justice (Part 2)

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1 month ago

Hi friends, this is a continuation of the previous story. I just finished this. straight to the story:


"Don't lie to you!" I said looking at him intently. "This is the proof Boss.." he said while taking out some money from his pants pocket

"Well then, let's quickly leave this place before anyone sees us," I said while pulling his hand.

If I go anywhere, I don't wear bodyguards. I did that on purpose so that no one would suspect and find out who I am. But I have spread my men in various corners, and they are disguised. Some are shoe-solers, some are beggars, some are even bank employees. All that I did to smooth all my plans.

Until one day I planned to rob 2 banks at once in two different countries, namely Spain and the Fire Nation. In Spain, the robbery was led by Yuki, while I led the robbery in the Fire country. However, the robbery this time was very different from the robberies that we had done before. Because the robbery this time was very well planned, we used insiders to smooth out our plan, and in the end the robbery in the two countries succeeded by killing the victims of my group led by Yuki, namely 2 people died, and 5 people were shot and injured. Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation, no one was killed.

The people who had become spies or who helped me carry out the robbery (Insiders) we killed, leaving no trace. All that I did so that no eyewitnesses or other people knew apart from my group. Besides, to keep them from opening their mouths and becoming a threat to my group someday.

However, one thing that becomes my question, why did the robbery in Spain leak out, until the police found out about my group's actions, while at that time my group had cut off all access to telecommunications, be it telephone, internet network, even CCTV cameras.

That's what always bothered me "Is there a traitor in my group?" Sometimes this question always comes to my mind. But, if there is a traitor in my group, I will not forgive. That's why I held a big meeting, all my men in various countries I gathered to talk about this. During the meeting, I thanked them for their hard work, and their cooperation so that my group became one of the largest, most successful, and famous groups in the world. But, I also remind them again, if in this group there is a motto, it is better to die than be caught, and if the traitor will get a prize, namely "Hell". They also understand and promise that they will never open their mouths if one day they are caught, and will never betray. After the meeting, we had a party and ended the day on a happy note.

At that time I was walking looking for the wind, and it occurred to me to do something fun, namely pickpocketing. Until finally I saw a woman who was walking alone, and I approached her. I intended to pick it up, but something surprising happened, when I was about to take his wallet, my hand was immediately caught, and I was slammed by him. By the time my body slammed down, and he was about to hit me, our faces met, and we were each shocked.

It turned out that the woman I wanted to pickpocket was my old school friend, and it turned out that she still knew me, so she gave up on hitting me.

"You Hmmm," He said trying to remember me. "You're Jennifer Kan, who goes to 80's high school," I said pointing at him. "Yeah, you're Dul Joni, right, that nerd guy, right?" he said while teasing me. "Yes," I answered simply. "How are you? Where have you been?" he asked "Well as you can see, my condition hurts, after you slammed it," I said while holding my aching waist. "Oops, sorry, after all, you want to pickpocket my wallet," He said with a slightly guilty look "what? it's good for you to say, who wants to steal your wallet" I said while looking at him "I want to steal your heart" I said with a smile while scratching my head "Haahhhh, can you do that?" he asked defiantly "I can, after all, isn't it already?" I said mockingly. "What do you mean?" he asked annoyed "Don't you like me since we used to go to school," I said mockingly "Let's just admit it, don't be prestige," I said again "what are you doing," he said annoyed while hitting my stomach "Ouch, it hurts," I said teasing him

Oh yes, Jennifer was my school friend when I was in high school, She was the prima donna at school, Many boys were chasing her love. But, not with me, I used to be a guy who could be considered less sociable, and a nerd, even though we were both members of the student organization. In the Organization He served as deputy, while I was the chairman of the organization. Although at that time we were close, and often met, but it never crossed my mind to make him a lover. Even though at that time I knew Jennifer liked me, but I didn't respond at all.

She often gives me small attentions, such as reminding me to eat, bringing me food when I don't have time to go to the cafeteria, even she once cleaned my wound when I fell while playing basketball. "What, fell playing basketball, can a geeky and nerd guy like me play basketball?" If that's what's on your mind, here I explain. Although geeky and nerd, Jenifer and I were quite popular at school. "How come, why?" Because, besides being the organization leader, I am also the captain of the basketball team, while Jenifer is not only the vice-chairman of the organization, she is also the captain of the cheerleading team.

Until finally we graduated and continued our studies in college, since then our communication broke, I don't know any more news about her, until we meet again during that incident (I want to pick her wallet). That was the beginning of my meeting with Jennifer after not seeing each other for a long time, that's where subsequent meetings took place which made Jenifer and me closer, closer than when we were in school.

I cover up my real job from Jenifer, she only knows I work in a private company engaged in the export and import of antiques. He doesn't know if the company is mine. Because at that time I told Yuki to pretend to be my boss, and it turned out that Yuki had a talent for acting. Because his acting is amazingly good until Jenifer believes that Yuki is my boss.

Not a big-time criminal. His name if it only has one name. In the Criminal world I am known as the Red Devils, While in the Social World, I am known as Dul Joni. I have thought things through carefully, That's what I am. Every time I do something I will think about the risks, and the pros and cons of the actions I will take.

As of now, Yuki is my boss and runs my company.

The End

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Written by   3
1 month ago
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