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Between Love and Justice (Part 1)

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1 month ago

My name is Duljoni, I used to be an obedient child, and very respectful of my parents, and my parents loved me very much. Thank God I was born in a family that can be said to be well-established in terms of material and religious knowledge, we always carry out Allah's commands. My father and mother had already performed the pilgrimage. I work in one of my father's subsidiaries, as a Manager. So, you could say our family is very happy and harmonious.

But that happiness vanished when my mother died in an accident, and my father became depressed and had to be hospitalized in a mental hospital. I have to sell some of my father's assets to pay for my father's treatment. Until finally all our possessions were exhausted, but my father did not recover. This is the beginning of me getting to know the world that I have never known before, namely the world of night. In the world of the night, we can get what we want, in any way.

I sold drugs, I played with girls until I traded them to johns. However, the beginning of my introduction to the world of the night, was when I took part in a wild racing event. In the world of wild racing, My name is famous, even in wild racing, no one can beat me. Until I was nicknamed "Red Devil" because of the way I ride a very fast motorbike, no matter it's a straight road, or a corner, I ride my motorbike very fast.

Because of my actions in the world of crime, I became the number one DPO by the police. My behavior and behavior have been getting crazier since my father died, I have not hesitated to kill my business rival or whoever I consider being my enemy.

My black business is not only domestic but also abroad. I trade women abroad under the guise of turning them into Indonesian migrant workers. but all of that is just a cover I made them as women of comfort.

I don't just work alone. However, I recruited people who were professionals in the world of crime. Some are ordinary pickpockets, some are big-time robbers, and some are even "hitmen". I invited them to join to help me rule the Evil World. Those who are members of my group are not only skilled in martial arts, they are also skilled in using weapons, be it sharp weapons to firearms.

Over time my group had 2,500 members, spread across various regions, even overseas. Because, as I said earlier, the business I'm in is not only domestic but also overseas. So, I'm not just a fugitive from the Indonesian police. But fugitive police in several countries. Until my group was involved in a clash between the authorities in Spain (Spain), in that incident, the victims were not only from my group but from the Spanish police (Spain) as well. In that incident, 25 people were killed, and 25 people were gunshot wounds, from my group's stronghold. Meanwhile, from the police, 15 people died, 20 people were injured by gunshot wounds. Not only that, from my group some were caught but, they chose to commit suicide by shooting themselves. Indeed, my group already has the motto "It is better to be "dead" than to be caught".

Crimes, crimes, and crimes I don't know what crimes we have never committed, from the business of gambling, robbery, killing (Being a hitman), selling drugs, human trafficking (from babies to adults) We have done, and all that we have to pay by losing some of our members. But whenever we lack members, we always recruit new members. Those who want to join my group, have to pass several exams/tests, both physically and mentally.

However, there was a time when we were recruiting new members, who signed up not only men. However, some women want to join my group. It surprised me. What is the reason they want to join my group, is it just a trial and error, seeking experience, or is it just a mode to get close to me, hehe, I don't know. But, To relieve my curiosity, I asked one of the prospective members, her name is Yuki.

"What made you want to join us?" I asked curiously,

"In life, you must have challenges, if you live straight, there are no challenges, it's not cool," he explained. "What? You're not kidding Yuki, you know, in this job what are you betting on?" I asked

"Yes, I know. But, I'm a person who likes challenges," he said casually

"You're crazy, you don't love your parents, what if something bad happens to you one day?" I asked again.

"Sorry, both my parents died a long time ago," he said with a sad face

"Oh, sorry," I said guiltily for saying or bringing up about her parents.

"Relax sir," he said " That's why I want to follow them. But, unfortunately until now God still loves me, he doesn't let me follow my parents," he explained. For a moment I was silent and whispered to myself 'Maybe what he wants, I want it too: Following the people, I love, namely my father and mother'.

“So, you seriously want to join us?” I asked to make sure

"Yeah sure, if not why did I come here," he said reassuringly

"I'm sure you won't regret it," I said trying to shake his stance

"Sure, and I won't regret it I would be very grateful if you could introduce me to my parents," he said

"What?" I said surprised. “Ok then, welcome to join my group” I replied

At first, there was nothing strange, until one day I accidentally saw Yuki coming out of a mosque, at that time I did not reprimand him. Because I thought maybe he was going to the toilet or cleaning his face or something, which I certainly didn't care about at the time. But it happened again, and this time I reprimanded him.

"Hey Yuki, what are you doing here?" I asked curiously "oh, Aaaaa, aaaa, I'm .." he said nervously

"Answer, what are you doing here?" I asked again "Aaa, I'm doing it," before he had time to answer my question he immediately pulled my hand away from the mosque.

"Hey, what the hell is this," I said while releasing his hand that had been pulling me.

"Sorry Boss, I didn't mean anything, I just don't want anyone to hear our conversation," he said while glancing to the right, and to the left to make sure things were safe.

"What is going on?" I asked curiously " Boss, I just took money from the charity box" he explained. "What, are you crazy?" I said surprised

To Be Continued...

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Written by   3
1 month ago
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