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Memory of a diary

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1 year ago

♤♤♤ Memory diary ♤♤♤

Written :: Rabiul

Head full of hair, face full of beard, looks like crazy.

The diary that accompanies him is his lonely life partner.

The boy is nothing but a closed lunatic in the eyes of society today, but who will understand the hidden pains of the thousands of wounds behind his lunacy.

Hmm, this is the diary in which it is written, the two colorful dreams of the mind that have been suppressed by thousands.

Which the two of them used to watch at night.

And he used to write them in his diary in order to implement them.

Today there is a diary but that dreamy girl in the diary is far away.

Maybe he is very good, but he does not know, I am not good without him.

When his restless mind became desperate for Neela, he began to read the diary, and his eyes flickered like a river in a torrent.

Our “Colorful Dream” written on page 1 of the diary

Today is the first day of spring. Fagun's touches in nature. New leaves on the trees. The cuckoo's kuhu kuhu calls out that spring has come. This spring is like decorating the mind with basanti colors. So the spring festival all around. All in all, today is the day of endless joy. As if the world has got a new life, just like that spring day, Sapphire also came into my life with an endless handful of love.

I will never forget that day, I was walking anxiously on the road, at that time a stranger girl was calling from behind, but I was walking without any response.

At that time, holding the hand from behind,

: -Why are you so worried about this mister, hmm? Since when have I been calling you ..

: -Why are you calling me..I don't know you.

: -What can not be called without sugar.

The girl looks very beautiful when she bends her face, that's why I think she has bent her face.

: -Hmm, what do you say?

: -You can walk together a little.

After being silent for a while, yes nodding the indicator, well let’s go.

: -Are you always like that?

: -How?

: -You have no idea that this is a beautiful girl walking beside you.

: -Why am I going to hold your hand? I don't know you ..

: -Hello, what's the point of thinking so much, I don't understand a girl is a kidnapper,

He turned his face again.

: -Well, what do you mean?

: -Hmm, you understand that, I mean there is one.

: -Hmm did you say that.

: -Look I don't like to turn around and talk, which I like to say straightforwardly

I am very moody and stubborn, I am the only darling daughter of my parents.

If I like something, I can't wait long to get it.

So I love you ,,, from today on you are my BF.

And if you look at another girl or talk to her, you know.

Just stay with me all day, hang out.

You don't have to answer now, tell me later I'll see you at the same place tomorrow.

Sapphire ran away with the bag in her hand.

I stood still, thinking and watching the girl leave in amazement.

Is there a problem in the girl's head or not?

I don't know sugar, I come in a hurry and say everything I love.

Who knows how much more to see.

I started walking,

The next day, on the way back home, I heard Sapphire calling from behind.

: -Didn't you remember that Mr. Hmm?

: -Do you have any problem in your head or not? I don't know sugar.

: -If you know, there is no joy in love, a stranger's face is a new life, new people will know about it

I will love him, there is a lot of joy in it, the joy of knowing the unknown.

I am looking at Neela's face, I see her talking.

The girl can speak very nicely.

: -That's what happened, but I don't like to be silent.

You have to talk to me, you know.

As the days went by, at one point I started to like Sapphire.

I fell in love with Sapphire.

In fact, one of the things I like about Neela is her simplicity.

Nothing is hidden in the mind, everything is told face to face, and a lot of caring is a girl.

The sweet days of our love were going very well.

Just like Tomjeri, as much as I do all day, no one could live without Kao.

Today, for 1 week, Neela's phone is off, she doesn't even come to the campus, what happened to Neela.

There is nothing working in my head, I can't leave Sapphire for a moment, how can I stay for seven days.

With courage in my chest, I went to Neela's house and went to see the lock.

Asked by the caretaker of Neela's house, he said that Neela has been hospitalized for one week today and her condition is very bad.

: -What happened to Nilar?

: -Your name is blue?

: -Yes?

He took a piece of white paper out of his pocket and said with his hand.

: -Neela asked to give it to you, but it would have been better a few days ago.

: -I started to open the paper to find out.

After reading the paper, the ground shifted from under my feet in a moment.

Neela has been suffering from cancer for 2 years, but I don't know anything about it.

Seeing Neela's smiling face, no one will be able to understand her inner pain.

Suddenly the blue sky was filled with black clouds.

I rushed to the hospital, Neela's purpose.

Inside the glass-covered room, my madman is lying in silence, with oxygen in his mouth and saline in his hand.

I don't know how the naughty girl has become silent today.

I went to Neela by pressing my feet.

The closer I get, the more the emptiness inside my chest increases.

I approached and put my hand on Neela's head.

Neela was having a hard time opening her eyes, but she opened them.

He is looking at me with one glance.

My eyes are flooding with tears.

: -What would have happened if you had told me to share everything, but why did you keep it hidden.

Sapphire is talking while there is oxygen in her mouth

: -I didn't tell you, if you let me go for fear of that.

: -Do you think I loved you for giving up, never. I have loved you for life.

: -Hmm, still

: -What could you still tell me for once.

: -Sorry, Babu is not angry.

: -What should I do, seeing Neela's condition, I cried like a baby boy.

: -Babu, look, I have recovered, we will cut the spinning wheel in the clouds again, you will dream in the land of clouds with me.

: - Sapphire, be quiet, don't say a word.

Why do you love it so much, I love you too.

: -Sorry, baby please.

Neil will hug me a little please.

: -No, I turned my face away in arrogance not to catch it.

: -Neel, please hug me once, please fulfill my last wish.

: -This last wish means, nothing will happen to you, I will not let anything happen to you, I hugged Neela inside my chest.

: -Neel, you will hold me like this in your chest for the rest of your life

: -Hmm, I'll keep it, but who else will I keep?

Sapphire is crying with her head on my chest, I do not understand what to say.

Because I myself am broken from Neela.

Still, I am consoling Sapphire by strengthening myself.

: -Neel I Love You

: -Love you to crazy.

Sapphire put her head on my chest again, I am also holding Sapphire's hand and holding her tightly to my chest.

Suddenly Sapphire let out a sigh.

I know how Sapphire's body got cold within a moment.

I grabbed Neela and started crying loudly, why should I leave Neela.

The two of us have been dreaming of walking together all our lives, why should I walk alone today.

I jumped down from Neela's room in the hospital, and in a moment my eyes went dark.

But luck may not have wanted me to go to Neela so easily.

So I went to commit suicide and survived.

But in the name of a human patient, everyone now calls me crazy.

I can still feel Neela's existence, talk to her all the time, hang out together.

But that is limited within myself.

Because I loved Sapphire so much that Sapphire is gone but her memories are still with me every moment of the day.

I love you, and I will love you as long as I live …… ..

Thanks for waiting ..

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Written by   62
1 year ago
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Awesome article

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1 year ago

owsome writing to you I try to my best with you, and helping all person, thanks

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Good story brother

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Your article just amazing bro,

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Nice memories

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Awesome writing it is.carry on.

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thanks api, and same to you

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Wonderful article try to write more

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Nice memories. May Allah blase you

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Thanks bro and same to you

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