Underneath Grandma's bed

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3 years ago

"Seth and Paul, dinner is ready! You all better not be under that bed again," Jean whaled.

"No grandma," they said in sync, running out at the dinner table.

She looked at them weirdly, she just knew they were under her bed again.

"Come on, I made you guys favorite," Jean said, placing a knife of fork beside each of their plates.

"Yummy," Seth said, picking up his fork to dig in.

"Ahh, no no. We have to bless it first," Jean said, smiling at Seth.

"Oh yea, sorry grandma," Seth said.

"I'll pray," Paul volunteered excitedly.

"Lord, help this food to fill our tummies and do us good, in your name, amen," Paul said.

"Amen!" Seth and grandma said, echoing Paul.

"Ok, well dig in," Grandma said.

Jean realised that her grandsons were eating in a rush, and told them to slow down.

"Grandma, we were playing this fun game, we're so excited to go back and play," Seth said, looking casually at Paul.

"Well that's okay, but you all really shouldn't be eating this fast," Jean said in concerned.

Soon enough they were done, rushing to the kitchen with their plates.

"Come on Paul, Bogle is waiting on us!" Seth said, heading towards their grandmother's room.

"What, who's Bogle?" Jean asked, but they didn't respond, they had already left her presence.

She gazed down the hallway, curious as to what they were talking about; but she didn't pay any mind she thought maybe it was some imaginary friend they had.

Soon enough, Jean was through washing the wears, it was time for bed.

"Seth, Paul!" she called, walking down the hallway, heading to her bathroom.

Even though they didn't respond, she could hear them laughing in her room.
"You guys, it's time for bed, I don't want your mother saying that you guys look sleep deprived," Jean exclaimed.

She didn't like scolding her grandsons, but they were really trying her last nerve.

"I am only going to say this once. Time for bed!" she exclaimed, roughly pushing open her bedroom door.

Jean proceeded to the bed, to lift the sheets up that hung at the side.

"Get out from there," she said, barely seeing under the bed.

She couldn't even bend as low, her old age came with many restrictions.

Jean could hear Seth whispering under the bed, "Shhh, my grandma can't know about you."

"Seth!" she exclaimed, over and over, but he refused to respond.

"Grandma, why are you so loud?" Paul asked, walking out from the bathroom.

Jean turned around looking at Paul suspiciously, " I thought you were under there with Seth."

"I was, but I went to the bathroom," Seth replied.

"So who is he talking to?" Jean asked, her face a bit worried.

"It's Bogle. Seth does that alot, not just under your bed, mom's bed, even aunty Pria's bed, when we go over by her," Paul explained.

Jean walked briskly towards the bed while murmuring; "Seth I don't know what kind of freaky stuff you're on, but come out from under this bed, now!"

Jean roughly lifted up the sheet again, this time she was blinded by a bright, un-natural light.

She blocked he eyes, and stepped back to her dresser, almost falling down.

"Seth stop shinning that light!" she said, turning her back to the bed.

Jean felt something touch her legs, and it startled her, running her out the room.

"Grandma," Seth said, chuckling at how frightened she was.

"Boy, I'm not playing with you, it's time for bed," Jean said, pointing to their room.

Seth ran back in her room, as though he had forgotten something under the bed.

Jean walked back in her room, but the bright light was still under the bed.
She gazed at Seth; "Why did you leave the light under the bed?"

"I didn't carry a light below the bed," Seth casually replied.

Despite the brightness of the light, Jean decided to venture under the bed to find the source of the light.

Suddenly something grabbed her hand, and pulled her to the other side of the bed.

Jean screamed her eye balls out, yelling her grandsons name.

Paul exclaimed, "Oh no, it's happening again!"

"Seth you and Bogle need to stop it, it's not funny anymore" Paul exclaimed.

Seth gazed at his grandmother on the floor and started laughing weirdly.

As Jean tried to get up form the floor, she got dragged even further across the room, this time her head, hitting her closest.

She rubbed her head, and started crying.
"Get out of this house at once, whatever you are!" Jean exclaimed.

After her yelling, her body was slowly lifted from the floor, and a great tension was felt by her neck, as her back grazed against the wall.

"I can't breathe," she wheezed, her hands reaching out for her grandson's help.

Seth continued laughing, and even worse he started pointing at his grandmother.

Paul ran towards her, but he could reach his grandmother, she was so high on the wall, her legs were far from the floor.

Paul knew about the strange phenomena his brother was involved with, but at times he got caught up with it too.
Paul thought that this time things went too far, his grandmother's life was in danger.

"Bogle, put her down!" Paul summoned.

Jean fell to the ground with great force, hurting her leg as she fell.

She held her leg, crying and walking out the room as fast as she could.

Jean walked straight out the house, she didn't know where was going, but she knew she wasn't sleeping in her house that night.

At that point, she didn't care that her underaged grandsons, were there alone.
She was frightened to death!

Seth and Paul would would have to fend for themselves, until their mother comes the next day.

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This is a really good one. Does it have a sequel?

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Thanks so much. No it doesn't.

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