The Habit Of Hesitation

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3 years ago

One aspect that should be taken seriously, and I guess a lot of people does not noticing it, is the habit of hesitating. This very little thing, a very common but always ignored habit is sabotaging the life we really wanted. If one can really figure it out, on how to lessen or much remove in their life this kind of habit, that person can achieved most of the desires and intentions in one's life.

Our brain are wired to always protect us, to keep us safe and comfortable. The mind loves doing things in pattern, on auto pilot until we change our old pattern through our will power and intention. In this way we can truly change our life to something we want to.

The moment we hesitate, our brain activates it function of telling us that it is not right, it is not safe, it is difficult. That the job of our brain, to keep us always safe! When our brain sense something different, it will do all within its power to stop you! This is the very reason why is it very difficult to do the small things that matters in order to change your life.

Most people lives in auto pilot, there's no problem in it. Maybe they already achieved what they really wanted in life. But for people who feel that there is lot more out there to have, or want to experience then you stop hesitating.

You want to save your marriage, do pick a phone and call her.

You have a great idea, raise your hand and say it loud.

You want to cook delicious food, so go ahead read that cook book and start cooking.

You want to lose weight, then stop overeating and start exercising.

Don't hesitate.

Our generation, is very lucky because we are all one Google away to find a set of instructions that can change our lives.

One can be knowledgeable but it seems very difficult to actually to do the actions needed in order to change. We all know already what to do, to make a better life, to be happier, be a good spouse, to increase our income. But why you can't do the actions needed to actually do it? Because we hesitate, and our brain interpret this a stress signal and it will tell you to just go back to the old pattern for your safety.

All people have the desires in life, of the things they really wanted and our brain keep reminding us with this intentions we have. If we just pay attention to the tiny voice in our mind, it teaches us the right things do to in order to manifest our intentions, but on the moment we hesitate our brain kicks in its function of keeping us safe and comfortable.

This is really goes back to our decision, the tiny decisions that can change our habits, and that new habits will change our lives. Leaders decide quickly and they have no hesitation in doing the actions needed. Live the life you really want. Don't let your brain sabatoge it, with your will and decisions you can outsmart your brain.

You know it can be very difficult, uncomfortable, risky but the brain just doing it for your safety, showing you this kind images. Accept that notion and you can literary change everything. Until a new pattern is formed and a new kind of life, your brain help you to maintain it that way, because that is your decision and the brain only want your safety. You already know what to do, to change your life, don't hesitate and just... Do It

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