The Basic Of Losing Weight

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In 2019, the weight loss and dieting industry was estimated around $72 billion market, and this was in the US alone. This include low-calorie food manufacturers, companies of weight- loss supplement, diet experts, obesity doctors, food and diet programs, and also low-calorie soda makers. In global scale, the whole industry is expected to reach up to $253 billion by 2024!

Who don't hear about Mediterranean diet, Keto and no carb diet, intermittent fasting, the new exercise craze, pills and cream that burns fat? All this products and programs are advertised and made popular by celebrities, athletes and experts. All of these have a price tag, and sometimes cost a huge amount money.

Losing weight should not be expensive or difficult. If you really want to lose that extra fats, you have to make the decision and the will to do it. You can create a weight loss program on your own which can saves time, money, effort. You can do it on your own pace at any given situations, in short, you are in full control.

So now, forget about that trendy diet, a new pills or the new craze-exercises. It is time to know the basic of losing weight.

The Basic

In managing weight, you must know your calorie intake versus the calorie you burn. In other words, the foods you consume versus how the body used up that food as energy.

Even at sleep the body used energy, and needs a minimum amount of calorie to survive without doing anything. Remember, calories are energy.

In order to loss weight, a calorie deficit is needed. Researchers estimate that to lose a one pound of weight, you need a calorie deficit of 3500 per week. It seems a big number, but remember, it is in the one week span. So, if you eat less or burn 500 calories for seven days, you can lose one pound in the 8th day. So how much is 500 calorie? You can think of skipping 1 cup of fried chicken ( 480 calorie ) or if you can't do that just add activity like 1 hour bicycling ( burns 500-700 calorie ). If you can do both, you can lose 2 pounds within a week.

Watch Your Weight.

One key here is to have a record or at least a memory of your weekly weight and food intake. You can write all the foods you take everyday assuming your doing your usual things. If you weigh and notice that you just maintain your weight, it means, your consuming calories that is needed just to maintain that weight. When you want to lose weight, it is time to eat less and make a calorie deficit everyday.

No Time For Exercise?

You don't need to enroll in expensive gym or sweat 'till you drop just to lose weight though having a regular exercise can greatly improve overall health and well being. In order to lose weight without exercising in regular basis, one must really cut the food intake.

I know a woman who want to lose weight. Her only activity is doing the house choirs. What she did was, she practiced intermittent fasting, give up rice, eat less sugar and less foods. In just a month, she lose more than 20 pounds but that without a price. She experienced withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, body pain, constipation, headache, and fever. She knows that her new diet cause all of these, and still continue. Now, her body is already cope to her new diet and she's happy with her weight now.

The heavy you are, the more you lose fat while exercising.

If you are really heavy, maybe it is time to devote your time in creating a habit of a regular exercise. A 185 pounder can burn 421 calories in hiking while a 125 lbs person, burn 340 calories, with the same activity.

Eat Less

Losing weight doesn't need to be painful ( by sudden change of diet or exercising ). When you reduce your food intake in a gradual manner, you give time for your body to cope with the changes and you'll experience less symptoms or none at all while losing weight. It is easy to eat less rather than increase your activities to burn that extra fats.

I know it is easy to said that than done. It takes a lot of discipline in order to lose weight. Take a look at water, it has zero calorie. If you can replace all the sodas and sweet juices with water, you can cut 125-200 calories per serving. Fried foods have more calories than steam or grilled because oil replaces the water which is lose while frying. Foods rich in fiber can make you feel fuller with a small size, so you eat much lesser. Fasting helps a lot, and forced you to really eat less.

Exercises and Activities

Having a regular exercise not only burn calories but also build muscles and flexibility leading to a much more sexy body. It can make your bones stronger, which is crucial in older days and can give you the stamina and strength for daily activities. These things should come in mind and not just to lose weight. This is useless when after every exercise, you double what you eat because the urge to do so is strong while you're tired. That is why, it is easy to eat less than exercising in a weight-loss program but if you can do both, you are not only will achieve your desired weight but also have a much stronger and sexy body.

What Food To Eat?


My Plate is the new healthy eating guide developed by USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture ) replacing the old food pyramid.

You'll notice that it emphasized more on vegetables. Whole grain and brown rice are priorities in the grain portion. Fruits portion is the same with the protein portion while protein may include vegetables and egg sources.

Eat healthy and real food. Processed and refined foods not only having much less nutrients, these are also laden with chemical preservatives and too much salt which are harmful to our body. Fruits and vegetable is much better sourced organically or uses only very less amount of chemicals.

Low calorie food are fruits, vegetables, and others which are less processed. Whole grains are rich in fiber and can make you feel full with just a small servings. Egg is a complete food rich in fats, vitamins, protein and must include in your weight loss diet.

The best method in losing weight is to eat less and move more. Only you, can determine what's the best method that can truly work for you. Depending on your time and current needs, you can always adjust the program you made. By watching your weight in regular basis, you'll know how much you need to take or needed to burn calories for maintaining, to lose or even to increase weight.

The best weight loss program is indeed made by you!

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In my case I don't diet. I use an app calk fasting I just simply follow the fasting time I set in that App. What we need to be honest is discipline.

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3 years ago

In my opinion, you should add to your list of "the basic of losing weight" is a healthy mind. One must not put too much pressure on oneself. Losing weight must be really hard but achieving the goal is sure worth it. I am glad that you are sharing your thoughts about these stuff.

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3 years ago