Morning Rush

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3 years ago

It's 5:49 am. I wake up this morning, pause for while then I feel my body want to move fast, want to start another day of work and grind. I count 5..4..3..2..1.. With my will, I stopped, I open and read some wonderful posts. Now I'm writing one too.

In this moment, I wonder if I can stay in this bed, doing no work for the day. Possible it is, I think, but my brain simultaneously warning me now of what will happen if I'm not start my day, the usual thing. Maybe my brain, just tricking me, giving this illusions of fears. When I think it deeper, it is possible, I don't work for this day. The repercussions are only minor that can be easily fades away.

Breaking any habit is not that easy. I don't want to lived in an auto pilot life. I know I have the choice, the will to do whatever I want. The things that truly makes me happy.

Oopss it is now 6:12 am, my eyes get wide, and a rush of energy flows into my body, telling me it is start to move. Well I just tried something new, counting 5..4..3..2..1. I just read that method last night. It helps to focus you to the things that matter most. Well, looks like its working, it breaks my immediate habit and most importantly I have this, as my another post😆.

You can try it too..

Good Morning!

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