Morning Free Write

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3 years ago

Another morning comes, another day to live.

Thinking the works ahead, and it feels exciting.

Sipping the morning coffee, just can fuel my day.

Wondering words to write, as I write this piece.

My ideals for now should be met, but there's always another day.

Looking up the morning sky, and it gives a smile in my world.

I need to continue writing, even if I already lose my will.

Every moment I cherish, thanks to the Almighty for this wonderful gift.

As I brainstorming words, I remember my wife and two kids.

As I go home later this day, I'll buy something for them.

Now I feel hungry, needed to prepare my breakfast for this day.

The coffee was done, now it's time for me to start my works.

I pause for a while, thinking words to end this piece.

I may write a thousand words, but I always prefer short and meaningful texts.

As this is a free write, and it goes wherever it likes.

Remember to keep doing, working and thinking, as this our rewards and pleasures.

Everything start in your mind, whatever it is just keep doing.

Better to keep moving now, so I end this by saying...

Good Morning!😊

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