It's Been A While ... And The Bitcoin Cash Upcoming Fork?

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3 years ago

I noticed I'm still have some balance left  here in Read.Cash, even though I'm not  writing here for months now. After some clicks to read, I realize some changes and see that my previous posts got some tips. It is good that tips are coming for those who write interesting and original posts.

I'd been busy for a while...

Rainy season, is a blessing for the farmers and thankfully we had a good harvest this cropping even though the price of newly harvested rice is too low, but still we got some profit in our rice field. Since, it still raining here and some storms is coming we take it an opportunity to prepare the land again to plant rice. Rains gives free water for the farmers, thus decreases the capital needed to produce the crop.

Beside managing the rice field, I also need to tend to our chicken layers project. Our chickens are now 2.5 months old now and we had only one died chick out of 50. They are free-ranged and I hope they will give us more eggs when they mature.

I'm not writing but reading more, actually I'm trading now...

I have a Binance account and this where I trade occasionally before, but this time with a very bullish environment in crypto space, I think I need to learn more of trading and tried some big trades now.

To trade efficiently, I'm into reading more news, articles and threads in different platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, etc., ... and of course in Read.Cash. Information is very crucial if you really want to trade and get some good profit.

Before, I only do some buy and hold ( no selling ) strategy in Binance, but now I explore the many options there and now I'm doing some long and short trade and also got some loans using crypto as collateral.

I also got hook to its Launchpad option which let you stake your crypto to get some free newly launched crypto coin. The profit is really quite good.

If you never try, you'll never know..

Not only I'm a trying hard writer, I realize that I'm also a trying hard trader now. I have some buy and sell positions in BTC, XRP, BCH, BNB and some Defi coins. I'm watching closely some newly Defi coin and Crypto project to take some position to buy and sell.

Buy Bitcoin Cash now!

With an upcoming fork, hodling BCH will give everyone a new crypto coin (free money). With a bullish environment, buying BCH now in the hopes of getting free money is less risky than in a bearish trend.

My position is to buy now and hope that exchanges ( Binance ) will support the fork. I read that some are already supporting the fork if it goes through.

My newb prediction...

The fork is still uncertain but I think ABC will not get the much needed support to have the BCH ticker if it will goes through the fork base on what I read. Even if exchanges will support the new coin, dumping will ensures its value to go down.

When a fork become certain and exchanges support it, many will take advantage of this. There will be a pump before the fork and everyone who Hodl get some free coin.

Maybe I'll sell, hours before the fork... your bet? 

Hey! Speaking of Binance, still don't have Binance account? Here's my refferal link:

I appreciate it..😊


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3 years ago


I invested in certain cryptocurencies and hard fork or not I will do it my way. My connection is too slow, frequently no connection at all, to respond fast. It's long term for me and I sell above a certain value only.

Good luck with the rice and chickens. They need to be a few months older to lay eggs.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the comment. Best regards.

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3 years ago