DIY Chicken Coop

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I've been very busy this month, but still I always don't forget to visit this wonderful platform and read some good posts from all users here.

This time I'm sharing some pics of what I'm doing these days.

I'm building a chicken coop for our project of free range chickens production. This is a diy project with some help from family members.

This coop can house a hundred of chickens.

This is 90% done, and I decided to pause a while in working to this project.

This project will be for self consumption at first and if things goes right we're gonna expand commercially. As producing free range eggs and chickens are in big demand in our country.

For starter, we intend to start small. It's means that we're gonna produce chicks to raise as layers.

We have also a goat house which is badly needs some repair.

Until we finish the coop, I'm gonna share it here with chickens already.

Thanks for reading! Cheer!

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