Set Top Box to receive Digital TV broadcasting

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Set Top Box (STB) is a tool for converting digital signals into pictures and sounds that can be displayed on ordinary Analog TVs. Analog TV broadcasts in Indonesia will be gradually turned off, but people here need not worry, because Analog TV can be used as Digital TV by using a Set Top Box (STB).

This Set Top Box supports digital video broadcasting-second generation terrestrial (DVB-T2), digital TV standard in Indonesia. Set Top Box does not require a special satellite dish to receive digital signals, it is enough to use a UHF-VHF television antenna. After television set is connected, select Settings option then select auto scan to scan Digital TV broadcast programs. However, Digital TV channel broadcasts are still different in each region, because now not all TV channels in Indonesia have migrated to digital broadcasts.

Do you know the difference between Analog and Digital TV?

Most basic difference between analog and digital television broadcasting systems lies in reception of images through transmitter. In analog systems, farther signal receiver from television transmitting station, weaker signal will be and image reception will be poor and blurry.

Meanwhile, in digital systems, clear image broadcasts can be enjoyed to point where no signal is reached at all or signal can no longer be received. In transmission system, most TVs in Indonesia still use analog system by modulating it directly on Carrier Frequency, while in digital system, image or sound data is encoded in digital mode, and then transmitted.

I bought a multifunctional Set Top Box, it can be connected to the internet

With Set Top Box, digital mode code will be converted into picture and audio, so that it can be displayed on analog TV. With a Set Top Box, analog TV can still be used to watch digital broadcasts. So, Indonesian people don't need to buy a new TV that supports digital broadcasting services or what is called digital TV.

Then, to enjoy digital broadcasts, people also don't need to have an internet connection because this service is a free to air (FTA) or broadcast that is freely accessed without any fees.

Digital broadcasting is not a streaming service that requires an internet connection and subscription fees. People only need to have a Set Top Box and analog TV so they can watch digital broadcasts.

What if in your country my best friend? Do TV broadcasts there also use digital like in my country? Or maybe you prefer to use pay TV which has many channels?

Display on my analog tv

I just bought a Set Top Box this afternoon, and the picture and audio broadcast results are very good, very clear and satisfying.

Thank you for reading till end, hopefully it can add to your insight.

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but in comparison to the digital TV is it not cheaper than the top tool box? Also, the factor of space I think it would make the whole set up look bulky. Don't you think so?

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