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1 year ago

Yesterday was mother's day ,And most of us dont really celebrate this kind of event .

But this year we exprienced to celebrate it despite of my husband situation .He is the one who prepared all of it.With the help of my kids and my sister in law.

He ordered in advanced for the food coz he knows there will be alot of people outside yesterday

They went to the cakeshop yesterday without telling us..He said they will just go to the drugstore to buy some of his medication .

And iwas surprised when they came home .My daughter is running and looking for me.

She was holding a flower and a chocolate with a heart case on it.

Happy moms day mommy...then she hugged me.

And isaw that they also bought a cake from Red ribbon.Even though ididnt saw the cake...iknow what flavor its was coz my partner biught it together with our daughter...haahha Its a black forest cake.My daughter called it CHERRY CAKE hahaha .

She doesnt like anything else whe it comes to cake .😅But when it comes to that Blackforest cake she really doesnt like to eat the cake...She just like the cherry on top hahaha.

Then iwas surprised when the dinner comes ..

Theres a spaghetti,Beef Sinigang ,sautee Broccoli and my favorite Karekare with Letchong Kawali.

They also prepared this for my mother in law.And we are both happy that they didnt forgot about this special day for us.

And timing my daughter had a school activity that she had to.make a Happy valentines card .

silly franzel hahah

Ijust helped here what she will write on that card And she is the one who decorated it.

Then we had to.make.a selfie and send it to ther groupchat in messenger.

Iwas touched by my mother inlaws responsed to my facebook posted greeting her a happy mothersday

Its really touching tjat they really appreciated me😭

.Ijust posted this morning coz iwant my post to get noticed hahah ..Ididnt post yesterday coz theres a flood of greetings everywhere lol.

How about you guys..what did you do yesterday?

Ihope you made it special for your mom or your wife.

Even there is no gift,chocolate or special celebration..We should atleast greet them for the appreciation Because they really deserved that.Even its not MothersDay we should always be thankful.for all of our mothers sacrifices for us..

Even not blood related. we should thank all the people.who had been good to us. Specially who acted like a mother to us.

Thanks for reading my article for today.ihope you vote wisely hehe.

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1 year ago


Happy mother's day dai, ang cute ng mukha ng anak mo mapang asar hehe

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1 year ago

nkakagigil db hhhaaha

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1 year ago