My cousin's Wedding Day and our Thrift shop Hunting.

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2 years ago

Hello to all i posted before that we attend a bridal shower party last time..

Now ill tell you what happen after that party.Our preparation for the wedding.

They told us that their going to get our daughter as a flower girl but because of the church protocol ,kids are not allowed inside the church.So she will just walk on the aisle of the venue after church wedding

We were given 5 yards of fabric so that we could find the Dressmaker to follow the design we wanted for my daughter's gown. We just added a lace for her gown.We just cut a little bit piece from my own old cardigan lace instead of buying new fabric.hehe

I searched at Pinterest for designs right away.And luckily we find a perfect design for her. The weddings theme and motives are rustic orange and FilipiƱiana inspired .So the guess are required to follow the required attire for the special event .

This is the design that we chosen.We went to the nearest computer shop to print it out so we can give it to the dress maker the copy of it for her reference .

have to be like these to have that filipiniana look.Inspiration only.

Luckily we found very good Dressmaker right away and her service was so fast and so cheap.She only charged us 300 pesos for making my daughter's gown.She.immediatly get my daughter's body sizes right away .And she made that gown only for 2days.

And heres the finished product..Does it look like 300 pesos ?

Fitting day,inspired from the phto from pinterest

Maybe its not look as the same like on the reference but she made my daughters gown professionaly .Ilove that baloon style of the sleeve.It is called Butterfly sleeve .

And ofcourse we looked for our outfit too.

We went to thrift shop to look for perfect attire without hurting our budget.Before they dont like my idea of buying to thrift store but now its a habit that we only buy clothes there because its more cheaper than buying on department store.just being practical hehe.Ithink we spend 2hours looking for the right clothes for us.hahah.This is one if our bonding time.

You just have to search patiently thats the key ehhehe.And after that you just have to handwash it and put a little amount of vinegar to make sure its really cleaned and discenfected

Igot these rustic orange dress for only P180 hehee

fresh from the ukay hahaha sorry for my chubbiness ahhaha

My partner found a white printed polo and it cost only P140

My eldest son got a pants and a polo set for only 200pesos..hehe

he just added that inner shirt

We also got a white polo longsleeve and floral orange polo for our youngest son for only P25 pesos each hehhe.

and when the cashier told us how much all the clothes that we chosen they gave us more discount after the total hehehe.

And the day past by so fast.


Idid all our hair makeup.Yes ican do a little bit of it Because before iused to practice makeup when im.bored and i also watched some tutorials. Good thing igot my own blower and flat iron and make ups so thats what iused and my daughter

.We are on our way to the church they said we have to rush coz the wedding is going to start and they said they need our daughter to walk to the aisle which at the first place they told us that the kids are not allowed inside the church..hahaha

yes we are late coz they message us last minute that plans had change hehe.

These are some photo at the church.

huahh my lovely daughter huhu

Good thing daugher is game for pictorial.

My treasurešŸ’š

here are our family photos heheh

My lovely family.šŸ˜idid editing here coz my husband doesnt like his color here and he said his face is look sick .He just came out from the hospital 1week before tthe wedding

your indayšŸ¤£

4pm we arrived at the venue but before the feast there is alot of games and Tiktok dance from the grooms mens and bridesmate that entertained the guest

The beautiful bridešŸ˜.She was really my partners 1st cousin.Thats how we became related to.each other

Happy family
Thats my mother in law the one on tne.middle They ate really having a goodtime.She was also one if my cousin's Ninang

Go ninongs hehe.Shot shot shot!hahaha
Congratulations to the newly weds!

My cousin really look eligant and simple here.Im happy that she found her love of her life.They meet on the mountain haha .They are both mountain climbers.That time she was heart broken because she just broke up with her ex.Thats the time she made her self busy by joining on some climbing groups.

Thanks for reading my article.Ihope some day i can post my own wedding here haha.


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