Happy international day of the woman!

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Today is March 8th, the day we honor the women around us. We give them more attention, love and gifts.

When I was young, probably the mood in my country was influenced by the socialist regime that was in my country this day was dedicated to MOTHERS, not to women. Flowers were bought and every child brought his mother a flower and a photo taken on a card with congratulations.

Not many years went by and that day was now recognized as women's day. We gave flowers and cards to our teachers, even we children gave something to each other - so that we too could feel part of the celebration of the big ones - after all, we too are future women.

As a woman who has been a mother for 2 years now, this holiday took on a slightly different meaning for me. I realize that as funny as it may sound a mother needs to hear appreciation from her family members, even if it's for one day, even if it's with a simple "Happy March 8".

Ours is the responsibility in creating and raising a child, we carry it for 9 months in our belly, then we are the ones who help it so it can "survive" in this "mothering" environment outside of the mother's belly.

We are the ones who with a hug can soothe that child and more. We are able to alleviate the stress or pain our loved one is experiencing with just a hug and kind words.

A woman is a gift!

When we were little my grandparents often told us, a son is the happiness of the clan and a daughter is the happiness of another house. It sounded so rude and mean to me. Sounds to me like here you are girl, come on get out we don't care about you.

As I got older I realized what they meant. They meant that the "son" would bring his wife to his parents house and she had to obey them because she was living in someone else's home. I didn't want that for myself. So I decided to be independent.

It so happened that at such a time when I was independent and strong, I found my half-wife whom I love endlessly! Neither he nor I feel that a new family should live with one or the other's parents. If we want to build something new, something of our own, we have to be separate from them.

This "other's happiness" has stayed with me. I don't believe in old wives tales told by grandparents, in many cases they only bring pain.

That's why I don't forget that I am a WOMAN, I carry the love, care and energy to create a supportive environment for myself and my family. I am the one who effortlessly makes an apartment a home and a few simple ingredients a culinary masterpiece.

Love yourself! Don't forget that you are unique, wonderful and amazing!

Happy holiday girls!

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Happy International Women's Day to you Ma'am!🎉😍

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