My tiny garden update...

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3 years ago
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It feels immeasurable to experience seasonal changes, especially, when you start your journey from snowy white Winterland and later end into the green pasture. Huge differences you see in the atmosphere and nature including climate changes throughout this entire journey. You start to gather experience of, "how slowly a snowy covered land turns into a beautiful green land", how slowly a skeleton of a dead tree turns into a manifestation of life. Hidden flower plants slowly come out from the soil and flowers start blooming gradually.

Anyway, spring in Kharkiv is very beautiful and my indoor garden is doing really great. I was worried a little bit about my ferns because they were not doing great during the entire winter. So, I thought maybe they won't survive much longer but now they are doing really great.

When I went to water these two today in the morning, I found out that new leaves are coming out and new stems are producing by spores from the rhizomes. That means the tree is growing and slowly flourishing its leaves. Also noticed numerous fiddleheads which means more fronds will come out soon. It was interesting to notice these small things, I was trying to recall what I have learned from my biological class...

Here are some more images

I gave both of the plants a nice bath and also sprayed water on the leaves to feel fresh. I don't water them daily, I check the soil and when it is necessary, I give them water. Ferm requires dim light and humidity so as it was gloomy today, I kept them near to the window sill and gave them chance to enjoy fresh rainy air. Too much water is not good for ferns so I didn't keep them out for too long.

Also, I have two to save them from Gigi (my dog), she loves to eat their branches...

So far my day was okay, a little bit productive but stayed at home due to heavy rain. I couldn't take my dog out for a walk but maybe at night if the rain stops, I will take her out.

I will write more updates about my indoor garden soon. Planning to buy some flower plants soon...



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3 years ago
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Is that the edible fern plant?

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