Follow your dream ( Graduation song)

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One of the most memorable part of being a student is when your graduation day comes. A milestone you can be proud of and share with your family and friends. However, I feel sorry to those graduating students this year because they cant able to experience to wear grad dress and toga, walk on stage to get their diploma ,take pictures with their classmates and teachers, to laugh and cry together while cherishing the last day of being together, Lastly, throw caps in the air and sing a song ( memorable song) .

Anyway, There are virtual graduation now- i think its fine for students recognition for the meantime.

Lets start now with one of my favorite graduation song " Follow your Dreams"- Sheryn Regis.

People laugh us they
Stare at you and say
She's got no where to go
But if they only know you're thinkin'

Have you experienced someone is looking down on you, criticized you and judge you? well its part of life. Just keep your head up and ignore them. ย You're your own master.

Where did I go wrong
How should I move on
Inspite of what I see
They're losing faith in me

Sometimes you keep asking your self: What's wrong with me? Why they don't see my potential? I keep trying my best even however, i cant achieve their expectation to me. Stop pleasing others by doing what they want you exactly to be . Have faith in yourself instead of getting pleased to anybody.

You tell yourself you believe
That in every feat
It takes a heart to endure
All the pains and grief
Having the hope to see the best that you can be

Part of life to test you along the way while achieving your dreams to come true. If there is no one believe in you, you must endure it and have courage to prove that you can do it with perseverance to fight circumstances and win the battle in your mind.

Follow your dream
The courage found within
Your soul is keeping you so strong
That you could rise each time you fall
And stand up on your own
This time you won't go wrong
Just give your best to hold your will
Persistently, become the one
You've always aimed to be

What gives you hope? who is your motivation of pursuing your dreams? You must first realize how important to set goals and put aside those negative thoughts which caused hindrances for your future. Key to be successful : your Heart and Persistence.

Got to find your place
Where you'll proudly face
The woes that come your way
Sometimes it's hard to say
If you can stick to your desire
Never lose the fire
That burns up light inside for you to win the fight

ย We have to know what our passion and interest in life. These two values are the flames that keeps burning within our heart . Ambition comes from it and the desire is never ending even there are problems we face, still you will choose to stand to achieve it.

You tell your self to achieve
You must not retreat
Persist the stops and be tough
If you must compete
Learning the path of fate
By every road you take

Always make yourself on focus to your goals. Learn from your experience daily and use it as encouragement to keep going towards your dream.

Reaching that peak so high
But you can't describe
All you're fears inside
That one day you might be filled
With worries
You'll find out in time
Every misery meant to make
You feel you're stronger to run free

When you surpass all of years of battling to reach your dream? The emotion you will feel is indescribable. And in the end, you can tell yourself: Finally, we made it!

Try to listen to this song and share what you feel about it ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

To all the students/ graduating students/ graduates/ professionals

Keep following your dreams! Have faith to God and Trust yourself โค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›Dont stop reaching your goals!

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It's just fabulous dear. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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3 years ago

There are many challenges we have to face before achieving our dreams, dreams will remain dreams if we are not able to conquer all those challenges in life ๐Ÿ˜Š Nice article sis, keep up your writing ๐Ÿ˜Š

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3 years ago

I hope the students take this as another challenge that they need to face on. Hope you they'll get the lesson that life isn't always going our plan. We must be courageous to face every diffulties we might face.

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3 years ago

You know better, who are you!!!So do not loose your hope for another person.

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3 years ago