Serve readers, not platforms

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2 years ago

Serve readers, not platforms. My 'content' will be platform-agnostic in that I will only link you from one social 'platform' to another when there is something interesting happening over there, not just to drive pointless traffic. Otherwise, all links lead to original websites.

Serve readers, not platforms. Write text of the appropriate size for the importance of the observations or links involved, regardless of the character count the platform expects or requires. Neither shorten anything to fit nor expand to fill.

Serve readers, not platforms, including myself as a reader. Do not believe any platform's claim to have 'followed' or 'subscribed' me to reading anything or anyone. Bookmark good profiles, and revisit, like in the old-school, permissionless days. Websurfing. Remember it?

Serve readers, not platforms. If any platform starts censoring my words for any reason whatsoever, just stop using that platform and start driving readers elsewhere, the better to serve them. Interpret censorship as damage and route around it. Do not publish any bowdlerised feeds.

I may add more paragraphs to this as I think of and remember the ways to serve readers and not platforms.

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Good one

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2 years ago

This platform is free from censorship. And good in freedom of speech.

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2 years ago

We shall soon see.

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2 years ago

I'm putting my foot down, lol... I dunno whatever, this 'platform' requires a photo for every titled post, so here ya go, enjoy!

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2 years ago