World's First movie on the Blockchain as an NFT!!!

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So it looks like we have a movie that is releasing worldwide in theaters and in streaming (OTT) platforms and it is releasing on the blockchain as an NFT! The name of the movie is Dangerous and it is an Indian regional language (Telugu) movie by a prominent director by the name of Ram Gopal Varma.

Here are some links about the man who is making this movie:



Here is a website for the movie which is releasing on the blockchain:

I have done some research on this guy and it seems like the guy is a veteran in Indian cinema and has made many prominent Telugu and Hindi movies and is known to be a revolutionary in terms of bringing new concepts and often making movies on some tough subjects. He is a very bold guy knows to take on problems head on. He is also very active on Twitter and has about 5 million followers.

Dangerous movie:

This movie is a full length feature film spanning about an hour and a half which will be release in both physical movie theaters in India as well as on streaming platforms like YouTube and other Indian OTT platforms.

The idea is that the movie itself is on sale as an NFT on the blockchain. The theme of the movie is it's supposed to be India's first crime, action, love story and it also has a historical significance being the first same sex love story after the Indian supreme court has repealed Section 377 thus legalizing same sex marriages and relationships.

The lead actors (actresses) in this movie are a couple of new faces in the Indian movie landscape, Naina Ganguly ( and Apsara Rani ( They are not superstars in the Indian movie landscape by any means but they are popular enough to have their own Wikipedia pages. Morever, the director Ram Gopal Varma is known to launch new actors and really launch their careers so depending on the success of the movie, they may become household names in the Indian movie landscape.

Token Sale:

So the idea with the token sale is that you could own part of the movie or buy the whole lot of $DANGEROUS that are up for public sale.

Currently it seems like movie is valued at 600,000 $DANGEROUS tokens with 500,000 open for the public and 100,000 reserved for the actors and the director. You could possibly buy a full stake in the movie by buying up all the tokens.

Each token is valued at about 149.90 Indian Rupees (INR) which is exactly at $2 USD which makes the value of the movie to be $1.2M USD since there are 600,000 DANGEROUS tokens.

Profit Sharing:

What's in it for me? I'm sure this is on the top of everyone's mind. So it seems like when you invest in this movie by buying the NFTs, you are entitled to all profits that come out of it for perpetuity. So if the movie makes profits for the next 10 years, you will get a profit share of it till that time. The team also claims to create dashboards which track the profits that are generated by all avenues (physical movie theaters, YouTube, OTT etc) and tell you what the total profit is and how much you get a share out of it.

How to Buy?

Right now, you can buy the $DANGEROUS token using both crypto and credit card. If you want to buy this using crypto, this NFT is available on OpenSea and you can buy this with your $ETH or $MATIC token by going to the following link

You could also go to the token website itself and buy it using a credit card

Is this legit?

The director of this movie is a very reputed director in the Indian movie industry and has collaborated with the biggest names in Indian cinema. Although he is known to be controversial in terms of the topics that he choses which are just often tough subjects in society, he is not known to have cheated anyone and has been a very honest businessman. Here is a link to his Twitter promoting the movie

So I would definitely say that the token and the initiative are legit. Whether this makes money and whether you will turn a profit will really depend on how well this movie does and like any other crypto investment, there is no guarantee of making a profit. If the movie does well, you can make a profit too.

I bought a small number of tokens for being part of history and will make sure to do a follow up post if I get any more information on this project. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try to answer them.

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