A suggestion for improving the platform

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So I was watching all my posts the other day and was looking at what was good and what’s not in order to improve the quality of my posts. Also thinking about the future of the platform got me thinking about a possible way to improve it.

I have seen many of my articles which has had a lot of views sometimes even more than 1000 views that didn’t earn as much as some of the shorter ones which were picked by the bot. I do think that the views especially if they come from outside the platform should be given weightage and should be more valuable because the way I look at it, the platform is very self sufficient by itself but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of outsiders coming in to the platform. So if people were rewarded for bringing in more views from the eternal world I believe that should be rewarded for the growth of the platform. I also feel like in some odd way that will help with the SEO of the website as well.

I would have personally loved to see my articles with a ton of views rewarded especially the ones I shared on Reddit etc. I could have possibly got more users on the platform as well because of that.


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That was great too..but even you have boosted your articles it does not guarantee for your article to have a lot of views. But nice mindset that you are thinking about improving the platform 👍

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3 years ago