Blockchain Games: NetBox Global Battleship 🚢🚀🎇

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For some time now I have been following the Netbox Global project and their NBX currency, used through their Netbox Browser. I will provide the link in case you want to get the NBX airdrop.


The Netbox Browser has already been implementing new features and there are still a few more products on the roadmap like the Netbox.PayNetbox.VideoNetbox.Drive. O Netbox.Store for example is already one of the existing solutions that can be used and there are several products in its catalog, such as dApps.

With the advent, development, and distribution of blockchains, so-called distributed applications, or dApps, have come into use. These mobile applications are distinguished by the absence of a central server and the use of blockchain to store application data and implement internal logic through smart contracts.

To use such applications, users must install special add-ons in their web browsers, through which dApps can perform operations on the blockchain. These add-ons are already integrated into Netbox.Browser, making it fully available to run dApps for all popular blockchains. In addition to the add-ons needed to operate dApps, Netbox.Browser contains its store - Netbox.Store - where browser users can freely find and execute dApps.

Through Netbox.Trust, depending on user ratings and the popularity of certain dApps, they are ranked in the store. The most popular applications with the highest ratings occupy higher positions in the store, so dApps that are labeled by a significant number of users as unwanted or dangerous are automatically removed from the store.

Gaming through NBX: Lottery and Battleship

Every day users can participate in the lottery, consuming 15 NBX from their wallet. Recently I opened my browser and saw that there was a game of Battleship, particularly as a Geography teacher, I like this type of strategy game and decided to venture out and bet a few NBX on the games. Take a look:

After getting a bit of a beating from the Russians, I ended up entering two more games and won two of them. The Russians really have an amazing ability, and not only in chess. haha 😁😂

At the beginning you get a 10 NBX bonus and you can risk it, the minimum bet is 5 NBX.

After completing my games, I won 28 NBX and decided to withdraw them to my wallet before I lost them to other players. The Netbox browser comes with a built-in NBX wallet.

If you like it and want to play a little, you can go to this link below and tell me what you think in the comments. Cheers! 🚤🛳

Telegram Netbox.Global:

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You could write more about BCH's SLP games!

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Ok Adeilton, thanks for your comment. Are you the BItcoin Cash manager of the main account?

Who talked to me there?

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